Tuesday, January 23, 2018

“I have been using ProspectsPLUS! for my marketing for the past four years. No other program or service compares to the quality and range of pieces found in ProspectsPLUS! I use these tools all the time, and it has really contributed to the growth of my business.

For example, the FSBO First Aid brochure has helped me acquire over 30 listings in my area. From these listings, I have earned over $40,000 in commissions! I am crazy about your program and recommend it highly to other agents. In fact, I have recently purchased my own franchise, and I am looking forward to my agents getting exposed to it when Roberta Ross comes back to speak in our office. I also recently purchased RecruitingPLUS! and look forward to digging into it and ramping up my recruiting efforts, as well!”

“I have been in the real estate business for not quite two years and bought the ProspectsPLUS! program in April of 2007. I immediately started mailing the “Expired Listing?” brochures. I received a phone call after I mailed just the third brochure. This house had been on the market for 2 years with 2 other agencies. I got the listing and SOLD the house in 28 DAYS! I just closed this sale yesterday, making it the highest commission I have ever received.

“This has created so much talk in the area that I am now getting phone calls from other homeowners needing to sell their houses. When I bought ProspectsPLUS!, I was told that if I would just use it, they would guarantee at least 6 extra sales a year. I’m a true believer, and I know I will far bypass those 6 extra sales this year.”

“It is my pleasure to tell you how great ProspectsPLUS! has been for my business over the last three years. The tools are excellent, seamless and easy to use.

Using this system has become a daily part of my business and saves me time and money each day. Clients always comment on my marketing tools, and when I show them the postcards and flyers I will use to market their homes, you make me look good!

Now that the market has turned and folks are at their wit’s end, I use the ‘Selling your home got you turned upside down?’ flyer that I have modified for my market. It really speaks to people and gets me in the door.

Postcards bring me leads, and I use them for every new listing and sale. They have been an important part of filling my pipeline, generating leads and new listings. Quarterly holiday postcards go out to my sphere of influence, and I consistently hear back from these VIPs!

I love the fact that I do not have to do much to make this all happen. ProspectsPLUS! is so easy to use. I have received 26 new listings and 22 referrals by utilizing this program. Every time I open it, I find more ideas to market myself! Now I can’t wait to start new FSBO campaigns! Thanks again!”

“I believe in working smart and utilizing software to help. To that end, ProspectsPLUS! has become an integral part of our listing presentation and marketing program.

For listings, we take pictures of the property before a presentation and then WOW prospects with postcards and flyers featuring their own home. By taking the time to publish these items upfront, the prospects feel comfortable that we will work hard for them after we get the listing too. The ‘plus’ is that ProspectsPLUS! gives us the tools to market to all clients, both past and future.

Sending out a polished newsletter is really just a click away. I also want to mention that the customer service and support has been exceptional. After spending 20 years in the software business, I demand a certain level of support, and ProspectsPLUS! has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all those involved!”

Jody Deeds“I always knew I should, but never did keep in contact with my sphere of influence on a consistent basis. Getting that task done always took so much time to prepare just the right message, prepare the mailing and actually get it in the mail.

After seeing the ProspectsPLUS! presentation, I implemented the system right away. I followed the Master Marketing Scheduleā„¢ and sent my sphere of influence postcards. I received two calls the first month I sent them. So I stayed with the system and sent postcards the next month… and got three calls and a listing appointment!

The program is easy to use, easy to follow and takes very little time to maintain CONSISTENTLY. Now there is no question who my sphere of influence should call when they or someone they know has a real estate need.”