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Was YOUR Name Drawn?

Wow! Thanks to all that participated in our March contest!  It was amazing to see everyone’s stories, insights, and experiences – and fun to make the contest switch to our Facebook page as well!  We sure appreciate you! 

Here are the March Winners:

  • $250 Winner: Judy Smithson — With 52 years of experience in Real Estate, it is good to have a company, like ProspectPLUS!, that is consistent and reliable in quality. THANK YOU!
  • $100 Winner: Rick ChambersI‘m a Realtor and I love this website. I’ve been looking FOREVER for a website like this that makes my life so much easier. Tons of marketing pieces to choose from, super easy to make design changes, add pictures and then choose the exact areas I want them sent to. Best of all the prices are very fair.
  • $50 Winner: Susan Scavelli — ProspectPLUS! does a fantastic job in offering the best sales tools not only for agents but agents customers. Very informative, professional and the materials I received were top notch! You are my go-to source for these products!

Thank you to everyone who entered!  You can be a winner too!  Join us for the April contest, where we’ll give a total of $400 in ProspectsPLUS! Gift cards away to help agents make 2015 their very best. Entering is easy!  Visit our Facebook Page today and leave your review of your product or experience!  New winners will be drawn May 4th!

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“Success is When Preparation Meets Opportunity”October Master Marketing Schedule

By Julie Escobar

Success in real estate sales comes down to consistently ensuring you have the right tools to market to the right people at the right time.  And helping our customers and real estate pros all over North America choose the systems, tools, and data to do just that is exactly what we’re passionate about.

That’s why we’re bringing back the Master Marketing Schedule: Your Month-to-Month Guide for Strategic Marketing.  For our long time customers, you’ll remember this as a powerful calendar filled with strategic – “what to do and when” strategies that agents could put into play every month.  Instead of having to wonder how they could effectively grow their business – they simply turned to the calendar to see what tools to deploy when.  It made marketing more effective, less stressful and a whole lot easier than creating everything themselves.

Only now – we’ve IMPROVED the schedule by taking it online a digital format – so that everything is easy to access, fun to use and keeps you ahead of competition creatively, effectively and affordably.

And we’re giving you three months of strategies at a time so you and your team can plan AHEAD and we can always ensure that the content is viable, fresh and timely all year around!

Each month you’ll find six components to watch for:

  1. A calendar that shows you visually what days you’ll want to take action.
  2. A color-coded legend that will easily identify different market segments for you to target such as investors, sphere of influence, geographic farm and more.
  3. An action item list that gives you at least four results-focused action items you can take to build a stronger book of business.
  4. A tip of the month that will often feature outside the box strategies that get you noticed.
  5. Insightful how-to videos to walk you through new concepts, products or systems in a fun, step-by-step way.
  6. A new version of our fun days schedule that shares fun and sometimes quirky holidays that allow you to reach out to your sphere in fun ways and be REMEMBERED.

Statistics tell us that 95% of your business will come from Family, Friends, Close Acquaintances or Referrals from one of these three groups.  These are the folks that make up your book of business – and savvy agents will tell you that’s where they put THEIR marketing efforts, energy and dollars.

We’re thrilled to bring this vital and helpful tool back to the industry.  Brokers, managers and training directors have found the Master Marketing Schedule to also be an incredible addition to their monthly sales meetings and training courses as a way to spotlight unique and effective ways for agents to market themselves without breaking the budget!

Bookmark the all new Master Marketing Schedule page today!

Have questions or need help?  Call us today at 866.405.3638.  We’re happy to assist! Want to get on the list for a free copy of our print version of the three-month calendar?  Click here to register for your free account! 

Tips from Our Valued Customers!great ideas

By Julie Escobar

We’re having a great time reading all the tips, strategies and ideas being shared by our valued customers during out holiday contest!  I’ve found that agents are always eager to learn what’s working and what’s not from their colleagues.  And it’s terrific to see that despite everyone coming from different cultures, companies and market areas – there are always common denominators amongst producers in this business and our customer responses spotlight just that!

Let’s take a look at some of what they’ve shared!

From Mildred Jones-King :  “I’m getting ready to order the Just Sold postcards. It’s a great way to let neighbors know that a house had been sold in their area.” 

Cara McLean Rolfes: “I have started using the just sold and just listed and it got me a listing the day after they went out!”

Jim Dobson:  The Just Listed/Just Sold postcards do the job! They are high quality and effortless to produce.

Kimberly Bouchey:  I like to use the Just Listed postcard to inform the neighbors and other prospective buyers what is available in their market. I usually follow this up with an Open House.

Tina’s Orlando Paradise Homes:   Just listed/sold postcards are great. I get calls from neighbors who find me with the cards in the mail. I love the system, ( –  I don’t have to do anything, it’s just done. Thank you.

Pat Taylor Bogenn:  Got a new listing from the “just sold” postcards with a few weeks of starting the program! Absolutely great, affordable marketing!

Jenny Hellman: I love the Just Listed and Just Sold cards. It’s a great way to get your name out in different neighborhoods. I have acquired 3 new listings so far as a direct result from the mailings. WOW!

Tina Chiles Herrmann:  I received several listings from your cards. Thanks for the ease of doing business.

Janet Buff:  Just Sold / Just Listed Postcards are my favorite marketing tools to use!

Eleonore Gerstenfeld:   The sale and sold cards are a great tool. I like the idea that neighbors know and send referrals.

Mark Miller:   Just Listed/Just Sold postcards are a valuable and affordable tool.

Farah Chowhdury:  Just wanted to let you all know I have collected 2 or 3 future leads by using just listed cards through prospect plus.  It was wonderful!

Diane Wilson:  I had used the Just Listed/Just Sold postcards for several years a few years ago I decided to stop. This summer I sold a condo for someone that had saved my Just Sold postcard for 3 years and they also bought a new home. Needless to say I signed back up for the system because it works! Thanks ProspectsPLUS!

Lori Spanbauer – Blazek Muller:   We have great success using Craigslist ads (from for our properties this year. Just listed/Just sold cards are a great return on investment…every Realtor should use them.

Tricia Christlieb Yocum:  Just started an investor campaign since I have a few listings in that price range…expecting great success.

Maggie Dokic: The best tip I can give anyone wanting to maximize their marketing dollars is to use Every Door Direct Mail. For the same cost as traditional mail, you get to hit THREE times the household! I was able to bump up my mailings from roughly 300 pieces up to 1,000 by using EDDM instead of a mailing list. I sat down and picked out my routes. I even chose routes to add to those initial ones once I start seeing results (I want to reinvest as soon as I can!). I started out with 1,002 households for a mailing cost of about $146 (plus the postcards – cheaper in bulk!) and have my plan in place to add carrier routes systematically, until I am touching roughly 12,000 households in my chosen area. Yes, we know consumers are online and we have all that covered. But they also get their mail daily and we want them to see us there too. Prospects Plus and EDDM both ROCK!

Catherine Hallock:  All the products are wonderful. I really like the FSBO brochures; I always have a supply of them in my car so I can just leave them in people’s mailboxes. Works great!

Susan Kravick:  Refrigerator magnets are great. We mail them out now and then give them in the Chamber Welcome bags. I love seeing them in homes that I list or show. Great way to keep my name visible all year.

Cynthia Ferreira Fleming:  My service strategy is to go door to door with doorhangers and other marketing pieces. This allows me to make face-to-face contact with customers. Once people have a ‘real’ face to the name for the materials they are receiving in the mail, they generally feel more comfortable calling you!

Christine Rubin:  I plan to mail to my targeted areas more frequently in 2013, and follow-up with a phone call and door knock.  I also plan to integrate a custom mailer to be eye catching and even actionable.

Great shares from everyone!  THANKS so much!  If you’d like to learn more about our automated Just Listed/Just Sold postcards call Becky at 866.999.MLSM or visit us online at  They’re easy, effortless, affordable and give you peace of mind because they go out without your having to lift a finger – so you ALWAYS know it’s done!

If you’d like to learn more about our all-inclusive Ultimate Marketing Toolkit that includes Craigslist Ads, Just Listed postcards, lead generation cards, single property websites and more – visit us online at or call our office at 866.405.3638.

If Every Door Direct Mail is something you would like to include in your marketing strategy in 2013 – visit us at or call us at 866.405.3638. Our team will be happy to help you choose your carrier routes, create your mailing piece and determine the frequency of mailings that will work best for you!

Just want to stay in touch with your sphere or farm with direct mail marketing?  Visit or call our team to help you choose the postcard campaign that most resonates with your business, your market and your customers.

Phew! Can’t wait to see more ideas and suggestions in the coming weeks!  Now you could win– if you HAVEN’T entered the contest to win a free iPad Mini by sharing YOUR ideas, insights and best strategies  — what are you waiting for?  Get in on the action and you could be cruising the net on your all new iPad by the end of the year!

Click here to learn the details and get started – or just head on over to our Facebook Page and share your best marketing tools and advice with your fellow agents across North America!  Ready?  Set?  GO!   And remember – if you need help – we’re just a call away at 866.405.3638. 


You know, we’re so appreciative of all of our amazing customers, clients and website members.  Our goal every day is to bring the very best products and services possible to help make your job EASIER, life BETTER, marketing STRONGER and pipeline FILLED with prospects at all times!

It’s not a small thing in today’s world to trust a company to help you build your brand and your business – and our commitment to you is to continuously ensure that you always have the right marketing materials for the right people at the right time.

As our way of saying THANK YOU – we’d like to offer you a special VIP discount of 20% off any postcard order on our site this spring! 

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From niche market direct mail solutions, to one-on-one help — we want to be the resource you turn to for all your marketing needs.

Choose from hundreds of postcard templates and campaigns, including:

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Short sale specialists have a new marketing resource in The simple web-to-print product of industry leader ProspectsPLUS! just debuted a series of eight Short Sale postcards that target distressed homeowners seeking an advocate and agent they can count on.

“We recently worked with Floyd Wickman team trainer Will Weaver to publish an article about how short sales affect our nation’s consumers,” shared Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing. “From that, we crafted marketing materials for agents looking to become the ‘go-to’ resource for homeowners who desperately need a reliable professional they can turn to. Two of the designs are invitations to free consumer workshops—a popular way to deliver information and find prospects at the same time.” 
The new series is available at Portions of the series also will be available starting this month in ProspectsPLUS! software customers’ SupportPLUS! updates.

The initial eight postcards are: Do You Know Anyone Who…?, Free Workshop, Tough Decisions, What Do You Do When…, Distressed Homeowner?, Short Sale vs. Foreclosure, When Mortgage Pressure is High and Resources are Low and Last Chance to Learn: Free Workshop. Each is designed to capture the interest and garner a response from consumers eager to learn how today’s economy affects THEIR economy.

The PostcardsPLUS! system allows agents to choose a postcard, upload a mailing list and place an order in minutes. At just $80 per hundred for jumbo and $50 per hundred for standard, full-color postcards are printed, addressed, laminated and mailed first class within 48 hours—making being first in the door with this timely information simple, fast and cost effective. As added incentive to put this or any campaign in motion quickly, orders of 250+ postcards will receive the radial mailing list FREE through October 31, with no limit to the number of leads an agent can receive.

“I teach agents to be advocates for today’s distressed homeowners,” shared Mr. Weaver. “They need real information, real resources and real help. These postcards are a great way to effectively market yourself as a true short sale specialist and let consumers know that you are there when they need you.”

“Finding your niche and fine tuning your marketing are key for today’s thriving agents,” added Ms. Escobar. “With marketing dollars few and far between, it makes sense to increase your response rates by matching your message to your market. These postcards help short sale specialists do just that.”

Agents also can find a variety of sphere of influence, farm, seasonal and holiday postcards at Customized postcards are available for every major real estate franchise and larger independent organizations across North America.

Want to learn more about inside strategies, upcoming automated product lines and how leveraging the power of direct mail can generate more than $100,000 per client throughout your career? Call Julie Escobar at 866.405.3641 to schedule a FREE Webinar for your office. 

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