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Master Marketing Tips – Just Set it and Forget it!
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Short Sale Series
Now is the best time to let homeowners in YOUR market know that you are the trusted resource they can turn to. They need answers and you can help. What a great combination! Start spreading the word today with this results-producing series!

Feature Property Cards
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Labor Day
Celebrate the day and your clients by sending this fun Labor Day greeting this month – just in time for the September 7th holiday! Holiday cards are a great way to stay in touch, stay top of mind and remind your clients you are there when they need you! Be sure to order two weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery!

Also coming up in September:

  • Back to School
  • Grandparent’s Day
    (September 13th)
  • Rosh Hashanah
    (September 18th)
  • First Day of Aumtumn
    (September 22nd)
  • Yom Kippur
    (September 28th)


CPA Series
The end of the year is fast approaching and area CPAs will be busy working with clients on end of the year investment strategies, tax credits and next year?s plan of action! Take a tip from top agents around the nation who are using these direct response postcards to build their business network. That way when one of their clients has a real estate question or need – they’ll know JUST who to call!

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By Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing, ProspectsPLUS!

Much like the proverbial apple that keeps the doctor away, committing at least an hour a day to your professional well being is the right prescription for the salesperson savvy enough to take a pro-active, preventative and inspired approach to growing their business.

What difference can an hour make? It can mean all the difference in the world when it comes to repeatable, sustainable success in this business. This business, like most sales industries is above all else, a people business, which means if you want to STAY in business, you’ve got to make staying top of mind with your customer base a priority. Did you know that National Association of REALTORS® statistics still show that more than 80% of consumers who list their homes don’t list with the person they bought it from? Why? They didn’t stay in touch. They failed to stay connected with their book of business. Now consider the national statistics that tell us that the average consumer moves every seven years, and buys a property worth at least 25% more than their current home – that puts an estimated career value of a client well over $110,000. With that kind of perspective in mind, an hour a day doesn’t seem like too much to ask does it?

If you’re thinking college kids and single moms – you might be on to something! Minnesota Realtor Jesse Godzala was recently featured in a Economist Perspective sharing his insight on the “faces” of the perfect home buying candidates that are keeping him busy every day!

“Here in St. Cloud, and I venture to guess plenty of other real estate markets across North America we have a large student population coming in surrounding the area colleges. What’s exciting to see is how savvy many of these kids and their parents are about taking advantage of the current market conditions to purchase homes at lower-than-normal prices, take advantage of the tax credit and find themselves with an investment they can count on at a fairly young age! It takes a little more work – you’ve got to educate them about every little aspect, especially if you are dealing with foreclosure properties or short sales. It’s worth it though – take good care of these young investors now and you’ll have clients for life! They are also a GREAT referral source! Another great customer base – and literally 75% of my customers – are single mothers. They’re great to work with. In my opinion, they know what they want, know what they can afford and not afford, have their budget mapped out and their eye on the properties they want. They’ve done their homework and they just need a professional to guide them safely through the process.”

Thanks Jesse for your insight! Need some tips for tapping into these two markets? We’ve got them! Almost every university or college has a school newspaper, blog and press group. Contact the editors who are usually very eager to have relevant content to share with their audience and they are also typically in desperate need for advertisers. For a little money, and a little of your time spent delivering timely content – you could be the go-to agent for a campus full of progressive thinking college kids – not to mention their parents, professors and extended families starting this month! Now THAT’S what we call a back to school bonus!

Single moms are another way to extend a helping hand and build a strong business foundation. Start advertising home buying workshops and How-To Buy for Less seminars in your area. Local campuses and libraries are a great place to hold them. Become the resource they need and you’ll have new customers lining up to listen and send referrals your way! Try it!

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How to use the Tax Credit Series to find First Time Home
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