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thoughtThis month, in the spirit of the season, I asked a few of our Facebook Friends what they would share with the “class” this month in terms of making the most of today’s market – and I loved what they had to teach us!  

Denise Buscemi, Broker/Manager, Century 21 Sterling, New York

1. Remember when you are meeting customers and clients, make everything you do be about that person and only that person–the rewards will naturally follow.
2. Read More.
3. Learn to be a great listener.
4. Hard work and going the extra mile is key.
5. Understand why people do the things they do, and be compassionate.
6. Do Your Homework!!!

Crissie Cudd, Broker, Manager, Watson Realty Corporation, Florida

1. Systemize everything you do so that you never forget a step in any process and you can do things more efficiently.
2. Ask questions. You should know everything you can about your buyer or seller’s needs. Doctors can’t make a good diagnosis without asking a lot of questions. Neither can you.
3. “Feed the beast” every day. Keep talking people who have the ability to buy, sell, or refer and do it EVERY DAY.   Don’t let your pipeline run hot and cold. The more people you talk to the more business you’ll do. Period.

Kathy Casarin, Power Agent, Prudential Preferred, Pennsylvania

1. No timeouts for replays!  Engage your client get back to them fast whether it is on Facebook, email, in person or a phone call.  Don’t wait or you’ll find they’ve already called upon someone else.
2. Assure your client you are the professional. You are experienced, successful and know what works and what doesn’t. Earn your clients trust upfront.
3. Communicate.  Keep your client in the loop every step of the way, whether it is periodic emails as to how their listing is doing vs competitors.  Make that phone call to discuss price, home improvements, showings, open houses etc.  Regular contact reassures the client you haven’t forgotten about them or their listing or the homes they want to buy…so when you have to advise them on say a market adjustment on home price they agree and know it is in their best interests b/c you are always with them to get this SOLD.
4. Do what works.  The truth is it all works–but only if you do it — so don’t forget to post on your social network, answer real estate questions on Trulia, renew and use your ProsectsPLUS!, send out postcards, attend social gatherings to see and be seen and be that constant reminder to say, “Hi! I’m in Real Estate!”
5. Keep current.   Get your designations, go to continuing education, webinars, keep your website, cell phone message, ads, web status, photo – everything up to date.   Let your presence reflect like the market is on fire and SO ARE YOU!

Carla Cross, Coach, Speaker, Industry Icon

1. Don’t make up your own start-up plan. That’s like trying to make up your own Beethoven Sonata!  Get a proven start-up plan and learn the business/time management right the first time.
2. This is your job. You are not just training or educating yourself now. Put your training/coaching in perspective. As I say in Up and Running in 30 Days: The business starts when you start talking to people.
3. Don’t try for perfection. Try for action. We learn 99% by doing. Just make mistakes and get better every day.

Roberta Ross, Speaker, Motivator, Trainer

  1. Have a clear vision of what you get paid to do: A. Build relationships and B. Give exceptional service. These get top billing each and every day. That means staying in touch consistently via direct mail, email, social networking, calling, visiting, and inviting to events, parties, webinars, etc. Exceptional service means making what you do about the clients you serve; and continually educating yourself on your craft and developing your skills.
  2. Treat your role as a business by putting systems in place from the beginning. Systems allow the agent to be efficient, attract a steady stream of business and focus on what really matters
  3. Doing something is better than doing nothing! Take action rather than wait for perfection!

These ladies have a wealth of experience and some of the most incredible insight in the industry!  Come find us on Facebook — and join in conversations! Thank you much ladies!  You’re awesome!   Find me too!  Click here: