Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sometimes it’s the Simplest Tools That Save Us the Most

By Julie Escobar

I just read a post this morning by Six Figure Real Estate Coach Roberta Ross this morning that said, “You can’t do IT ALL and play at the next level.”  Boy isn’t that the truth? In today’s world we have more responsibilities, more tasks pulling at us, pushing us and in some cases S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G us to the ‘almost’ breaking point.  Top producers get that they can’t be all things to all people, can’t do it all and maintain balance or high productivity levels.  So they DELEGATE.

I know – it’s hard – that whole giving up control things sometimes – but it’s worth it.  In a big way.  Take a look at your week this week.  A good long look.  How many of those things on your task list can you delegate, automate or even eliminate?

One strategy that’s working for thousands of agents across the nation is tapping into  This powerful system AUTOMATES their Just Listed and Just Sold postcard mailing.  In a matter of minutes you can sign up for this simple service and have the peace of mind in knowing that EVERY time you take a listing or one of your listings sell – at least 100 homeowners around your property will get a postcard spotlighting your success. You can even add your sphere of influence list if you like.  Easy, automated and affordable at just $65.57 per 100 Just Listed and $57.57 for Just Sold postcards, it takes this time-consuming task OFF your to-do list.

Becky Keyt, the client care specialist who administrates the program shared, “Our customers call me up all the time and laugh that I’m the best personal assistant they ever had – especially since I don’t cost them anything!  They love that they can delegate this project to me – and the convenience of having their postcard marketing all done for them, and that’s just what we make sure happens.” integrates with local MLS’s across the nation to automatically let the system know when a client takes a listing or when one of their listings sell.  Then the team generates full-color, high quality, UV Coated Just Listed or Just Sold postcards and send them to the closet 100 homeowners around the listed property.  We then email the list of recipients to our customers so that they can then use that list to continuously build their book of business. An agent has the ability to choose more cards to be mailed, add a customer list or farm area list as well.  The cards are all customized to that agent and sent without the agent having to lift a finger!

Says customer Debbie McIntosh, “ I just started using the postcards and have received two listings from them, the seller love them, and I have received calls from buyers, you send them out so nice and fast, and prompt, I do not have to do this by hand anymore, I love it, you automatically know when my homes are sold or listed by watching the MLS, well worth the money, And I am making money to boot, I like it when I make money off such a small expense as this!”

This system isn’t available in EVERY area of the country – so if you’d like to learn if automating your Just Listed/Just Sold postcard marketing is available in your market, simply call Becky Keyt at 866.999.MLSM (6576) to learn more about this valuable, TIME SAVING tool!

Want to check out for yourself?  Click here to learn more.  Sign up before the end of the month using PRIORITY CODE:  MLSM2012 and we’ll even waive the $24.95 set up fee.    There’s no long term commitment or contract.  Just a simple service with BIG results.  Try it today!


New Tools for Tracking…New Mail Tracking for ProspectsPLUS! Customers

By Julie Escobar

Sometimes we all wonder what happens to mail once it gets put in the slot at the post office, or in our case, delivered by truck on huge, neatly stacked racks!  While it sometimes feels mysterious (like whatever happens to that ‘other’ sock in the dryer?)  – we’ve got it all mapped out for you! 

The truth is we’ve always tracked the mail that we send for you, our valued clients, but until recently, we didn’t have an easy way to SHOW you that tracking.  So, we made adding that tool a top priority for you this month! 

Now, every time you place a postcard order through,, or your ProspectsPLUS! software – as always, you will receive a receipt in your email.  Look a little closer this time though!  Your receipt will now include a link that will take you to an online tracking screen so you can see the progress of your mail delivery. 

We seed a percentage of each postcard order with powerful, new USPS tracking technology that allows us to know when your mail has been scanned, when it’s been delivered to your area post office and when it’s out on mail trucks for delivery! 

As always, our goal for our customers is a feeling of peace of mind and the knowledge that we care and are committed to serving you to the best of our ability.  As we head into the close of this year and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for next, know that you’ll see more new tools, fresh technology and timely service options available to you each month. 

You can count on us.  If you need help – simply call us at 800.287.5710.  We’re here to make your life easier – and your business better.  Happy November!

Whoa Boy! 

The Competition is heating up! 

We’re Adding More Customers To the Contest!

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  • Tell us what MLSmailings has done for you in terms of time management
  • Include pictures when possible
  • Rather shoot a video about your experience?  We’ll take that too!
  • More of a podcast person?  Send us an audio file!

Post your comments  on our Facebook Fan page at between now and November 30, 2011 to add your entry to the contest.

  • Grand Prize:  Apple iPad ( Apple iPad Tablet (16GB, Wifi or equivalent)
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The  Prize Winners will be chosen by a panel of five November 30th and announced December 1st.  Questions?  Call Becky Keyt at 800.287.5710  today!

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Ok – what are you waiting for?  GO POST!

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Insights and Ideas from ANOTHER Working Parent!

By Julie Escobar

Temperatures, market changes and business is climbing for many agents across North America, but with that – so are the kids – right up the walls with boredom!  How can savvy sales professional find the happy median between staying on track for success and sharing some extraordinary summer fun with the family?

Let’s take a look at some ways….

1. Take a course. Summer school – ICK!  Hey – competition is heating up too and the best way for you to continuously rise to the top of your field – is to keep LEARNING.  Check and see if your board, CRS or even local libraries are providing any training.  A few days or even weeks are worth the return on investment if you can fine tune your skills, learn something new and power through and even pick up a few needed credit hours for some courses!  Remember what Ben Franklin said…”An investment in knowledge always pays the best interests.”

2. Reconnect with your plan. This is the perfect time for shaking off that business plan you wrote back at the first of the year and see if you’re on track for the home stretch!    Real estate professionals historically earn more in the first half of the year than in the second so, on average, by now you should be at about 65% of your goals. If you’re right on target – three cheers!  Go to the head of the class and take a well-deserved day off!  If not…it’s a good time to sit with a mentor or manager and reevaluate where you are and where you need to be to realize your goals.  Make sure to get your family’s input as well – mutual goals are always easier to stick to.  If you need to – consider an integrity group to help you (and each other) stay on track.

3. Slip in some smart reading. When gathering your library of beach books and magazines, opt for a few on how to be the best you can be at what you do.  There are amazing reads out there right now. 

I reached out to my Facebook crowd for suggestions – here’s what I came up with: 

One-on-one Sphere of Influence Strategies with Senior Vice President Ken Bennett

By Julie Escobar

Since we’re exploring the must-have skill of building a sphere of influence this month, I thought it would be fun and enlightening to turn to my good friend Ken Bennett for his two-cents! As someone who has been in this business for 34 years and as an agent, manager, general manager and now Senior Vice President at one of the most respected companies in the business, Watson Realty Corp., I knew he’d have a thing or two to say about the strategies successful agents are using to thrive in ANY market. When you want to know the REAL skinny on how to succeed, ask someone who’s literally been there, done that in markets of every size, shape and economic level.

Here’s a look inside our interview…

Q: Hey Ken – as always, it’s WONDERFUL to catch up with you. I thought of you immediately when we were broaching the subject of sphere of influence. You’ve got such a wide spectrum of experience to draw from as an agent and from a management perspective I knew you could help shed a little light on best practices! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and the team that works with you at Watson?

A: Good to be able to talk with you again and yes, I’d be happy to tell your readers a little bit about myself and our Watson Realty team. I was first licensed to sell real estate in Northern Virginia/Washington, DC, in 1977, and had a very successful career in sales for seven years before obtaining my broker’s license and entering into management in 1984. Although, I enjoyed sales tremendously, I found my niche in general brokerage management and have been doing it ever since. To make a long story somewhat shorter, I relocated to Florida in 1994 and eventually went to work for Watson Realty Corp., one of the country’s largest independent companies with forty offices throughout the state of Florida and Georgia, and upwards of 1,200 sales associates. Our company is a prominent member of The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LREC) and has been in business since 1965.

Q: I for one am glad you did migrate south! How else would we have gotten to know you? As one of the most respected (and funniest- just saying!) VPs in this business, I venture to say there’s not much you haven’t seen. Good markets, bad markets, (REALLY bad markets) and agents of every kind. In terms of the agents that have risen to the top and STAYED there – would you say making their sphere of influence or referral base their top priority is the biggest common denominator?

A: In a word, yes. Most real estate trainers and educators stress the importance with new licensees of focusing on their Sphere of Influence (SOI) as a way to generate business as they start off in their new career field. Family, friends, acquaintances, literally everyone that they know can be very helpful in getting a new sales associate off to a quick start. That said, it’s critically important for the new associate to continue to grow or expand that SOI each day as their initial list is normally somewhat small and will not sustain a career over an extended period of time. In terms of the top experienced sales associates throughout the country, most all of them have become masters of growing their SOI through networking and as such, enjoy working off of personal referrals from within that SOI. Some of the top associates I have known over the years effectively maintain and profit from a SOI of literally thousands of individuals and accordingly, don’t have to spend nearly the time as they used to in terms of cultivating new business leads or prospects.

Q: You’re so right. What is that statistic? It takes six times the money and energy to generate new clients versus maintaining the relationships you already have? That said, what would you say are the top three strategies agents use to consistently stay in touch with and grow their sphere?

A: Well, there are several ways to do it but I’ll mention the three that I’ve seen used most prominently and in fact have used myself. First, I would have to say that my experience with most successful sales associates, given their hectic schedules and heavy workloads, are not the best at keeping in consistent touch with their SOI. They all start off with good intentions in wanting to follow-up with past clients on the phone and/or with newsletters, but somehow the job just doesn’t get done consistently and consistency is the key here. Once they realize that it’s difficult to be effective with their client follow up, they get someone else to do it for them! There are several well-known national companies that will gladly take on this task for a sales associate for a small transaction based fee, and send out numerous mailings/e-mailings over a period of several years in the sales associate’s name. Every time a mailing goes out to the past client, the associate is notified by the company and then they have a reason to call that past client… call reluctance, or the sales associates inability to make a follow-up sales call to a former client, is usually based in their feeling that they don’t have anything to say to the past client and/or they don’t want to intrude into their private time at home. Through this type of program, that problem or obstacle has been removed. In fact, many of our associates use your program to automatically send their Just Listed and Just Sold postcards automatically!

Next, I would say that a well-organized Social Networking program is very effective in today’s market.