Sunday, November 19, 2017

To Up Your Game This Year

By Julie Escobar

If ever there was a time to up the ante on your marketing presence, it’s right now. Stakes are high, competition is fierce and anyone eager to be THE resource for consumers in their markets need to bring their A-game and then some.

Here are a few musts to consider:

  1. Get a professional headshot. I know. This one seems like an obvious choice. But take it from a company who produces hundreds of thousands of real estate marketing postcards per week, we see agent photos that just aren’t print quality and reach out to customers to send high resolution shots that show them in their best light.  Oh, and when you’re taking those pictures – SMILE! Studies from show that people who smiled in their head-shots were considered far more likable and influential than those that didn’t, and slightly more competent. It’s a marketing expense that makes a lot of sense. Your job is to help consumers think of your name and your face first when they think real estate – so put your best FACE forward!
  2. Craft a great bio. On many of our marketing tools, agents have an opportunity to share some “about me” information. You should have a long and short version.  Long for your website, but short and sweet for real estate brochures, flyers and postcards.  Choose your words wisely. For the best balance? Present yourself, your brand, why you do what you do, and what differentiates you – without being too salesy. Then have both versions proof-read before beginning to use them.  This makes it easier when you’re creating your marketing pieces as well as you aren’t trying to come up with something on the fly, which often leads to typos or inconsistent copy.
  3. Pick a brand style that works for you. Too often you see agents who are all over the map in terms of listing inventory snapshottheir marketing. Different styles, colors, messages. While it’s good to test a little, you’ll find better results when sticking to a campaign that has some uniformity.  That’s one of the reasons agents love our series of postcards, which have the same look and feel throughout the series. For example, our popular Listing Inventory Series has the same branding style, with a series of messages that lets potential sellers know that this is a great time to list.  They can send one a month and keep their branding with their sphere or farm consistent to get better results.
  4. Be consistent. We kind of just covered this, but one and done is dead. In fact, it never was a marketing strategy that worked. The key to becoming a brand name is 27 impressions.  Keep showing up, and the Nov-DOM-Free-Reportnext time someone is asked if they know anyone who sells homes, your name will be top of mind!
  5. Don’t forget your contact information. Would you be surprised to learn how many times people do not put their phone number or contact information on their marketing materials, then send thousands of them out and wonder why they don’t get a response? Make sure people know how to reach you. And if you are inviting people to your social media platforms via your marketing, don’t just use the blanket, “Find me on Facebook”.  Actually, give them a unique URL they can go to such as
  6. Offer items of value. Many of our customers use our Free Reports as Lead Capture offerings on their websites. There are lots to choose from, easily customizable, and they serve multiple purposes.  Use them on your site, at your open houses, in your listing presentations, or as collateral for the popular consumer meet and greets that so many agents are doing today.
  7. Build on what you already have. All those lists you’ve purchased? The ones from your Just Listed postcard orders?  Reuse them! Put those folks on a drip campaign of postcards so they know you’re always in the game.  I recommend a combination of our Neighborhood Update Free Offer Series and updates on your listings such as Neighborhood update postcardsContract Pending and Just Sold. Every list = unlimited opportunities.  Contract Pending. Price Reduced. Just Sold. Listing Inventory.  Check out our new – where you can order your Just Listed/Sold/Contract Pending cards — right from your phone!
  8. Have some FUN. Real estate is serious business for certain, but you can certainly have some fun with it too. Our Master Marketing Schedule is filled with fun ways to reach out to your sphere and farm and make a noticeable difference! See what’s coming up for the next month.

It’s a great time to be a real estate professional and it’s a great time to tap into ready-made resources that can make your life easier.  To that end, we’re here to answer your questions and get your marketing on-track within a budget that works for you! Call our team today at 866.405.3638.

Two Tools for SuccessMapMyMailLogo

By Julie Escobar

To this day, one of the toughest things for agents to do is to find the RIGHT LIST of prospects to market to.  It has always been that time-consuming, where-to-start task that keeps many agents from really maximizing their marketing efforts and realizing the potential they could have for higher market share.

We’ve worked hard to take some of that guesswork out of the equation for you with our robust MapMyMail system.

Here are two ways to use:

1.  Tax Assessor Data – 8¢ per record

  • Over 128 Million Deliverable Addresses
  • 3,057 out of a total 3,141 US counties Available
  • Weekly Data Hygiene to Remove Vacant & Do Not Mail Records
  • List Experts Available to Help Increase Response Rates
  • See where your mailings go on a Google Map
  • Radial or pinpoint search
  • Identify and mail to owner/occupants only
  • Identify and mail to absentee owners
  • Mail to every property on the map
  • Include or exclude streets
  • Preview list and exclude records

Ideas for marketing: 

2.  Demographic Search – Consumer Data – Starting at 8¢ per record

  • Over 200 Million Consumer Records
  • Weekly Data Hygiene to Remove Vacant & Do Not Mail Records
  • List Experts Available to Help Increase Response Rates
  • Homeowner/Renters
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Length of Residence
  • Dwelling Size
  • Estimated Home Value
  • Ethnic Descent – Premium Pricing Applies

Ideas for marketing:

Truly mastering your marketing list has tremendous benefits to your long-term business plan.  You’ll pay less because you won’t have to ‘blanket’ market – you’ll hit exactly the demographic you are looking for.  Your response rate will be greater because you can better match your message to your market segment.  And you can more easily steer the course of your business marketing and work with the people you WANT to work with – which is essential to working smarter, not harder.

Need help finding the RIGHT list and right marketing materials to correspond to that list? Visit today or call us at 866.405.3638.  That’s one of the things we do best!