Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Change Paves the WayChanges ahead

By Julie Escobar

As more and more agents get on board with putting the systems in place they need to CONSISTENTLY connect with the folks in their geographic farm, I sat down with Todd Robertson, who is in the field teaching agents the tools they need to succeed every day.  He shared what’s new with the Market Dominator System and why change is paving the way for powerful opportunities for agents eager to develop a 20% market share in a specific area.

Q:  Todd, a lot of agents are doing things right in this market and that’s great.  But most are just not doing those things consistently. Can you talk about the importance of consistency in staying top of mind?

A:  Yes, most agents know they need to saturate an area and that marketing is a key component to success.  But often times it’s not fun, or sexy — and unless immediate results set in, most agents fade away.  That can be GREAT news for you however.  Because it’s the exact reason why it is easier than ever before for a REALTOR to effectively separate themselves from the competition.   Meaning, once an agent puts in place a one, two or even three year marketing campaign in a concentrated geographical area in place they can:

  • Brand themselves as a local celebrity of sorts – THE turn-to agent in an area
  • Work SMARTER: Agents with systems don’t have to work has hard as those whose primary focus is chasing new business
  • Make way more money

Q:  You’ve made some changes to the Dominator System– tell us about them and why agents Real Estate Market Dominatorare liking them?

A:  Yes, in terms of changes to the Market Dominator it has been incredible for both the agent and the homeowner (the agent’s future listing).  For the Realtor, we have made it much easier for them to get out their monthly edition.  On the front is a new article each month, powerful info-graphics with the kind of content that consumers are hungry for in today’s market.  We’ve also added additional agent branding formatting, and as always call-to-action direct response offers throughout that help get the phones ringing.  On the back, we’ve included more plug-and-play articles, direct response offers, and powerful content. Now, the agent doesn’t have to change a thing if they don’t choose to.  It’s all done for them. For that 10% of agents that do want to add their touch, there are panels that are simple to make those adjustments in a matter of minutes such as a panel for current listings, and one for local market statistics.

The homeowners love it because it is visually very appealing, has great, relevant, timely content that answers some of the top questions in consumers’ minds today.  It’s non-threatening, non-aggressive way.  It’s designed to position you as the area expert, keep your name top-of-mind, and connect with the information people want and need in a consistent, branded manner.

Q:  What do you think agents are looking for in today’s marketing? 

A:  What agents are looking for in today’s marketing is a marketing piece that is 90% automated.  They are busy, and focused – so they want most of it done for them.  Yet most want the ability to make a change, add their own details if they choose to.  They also want something that’s affordable enough to stay with it month-after-month.   With the Market Dominator we are actually able to give the Realtor the biggest most impressive marketing piece in the industry, with the best possible return on investment.  Most recently we have acquired a National Marketing Partner who has committed to help 50 agents reduce their marketing costs.  Their commitment is 1/3 of the total cost of the program, for the privilege of sharing 1/3 of the back of the marketing piece.

Q:  That’s awesome.  Todd, if you had to give your best advice to an agent eager to build market share in a specific area what would it be?

A:  That’s an easy one!  In the past “farming” to become the branded agent in an area was challenging. There really was really no easy way to get out a monthly mailer consistently without a lot of time, money, and energy spent.   Today, we can help agents automate the process.   By utilizing Every Door Direct from the United States Post Service and a national marketing partner it becomes a win-win-win.   The one missing ingredient however is the duration of the campaign.  I would say whatever the agent does, make it a two year campaign.   Imagine a Realtor has an impressive two year marketing plan in place.  In addition, he or she hosts aggressive open houses in that area, puts a just Listed/Just Sold program in place, and stays focused on the three things that are closest to their bottom line results: prospecting, presenting, and closing.  That’s powerful.  And it’s the track that will help them earn a 10% market share the first year and at least a 20% market share the second year. WITHOUT chasing new business.  That’s the goal.  Our goal?  Is for every salesperson we work with to have more fun in their career because they are using systems that make it simple to drive business – AND help them keep balance.

Thanks Todd!  For those of you interested in learning more about the Market Dominator System, head over to to see why this program is fueling momentum across the country. 

As always, happy listing.  If you need us, we’re here to help.  Call our marketing team at 8/66.405.3638. 

Out-of-the-Box Advice From Top Agent Daniel MatusiakDaniel 2

By Julie Escobar

You’ve got to love an agent who hits the ground running, decides on a niche, and then pulls out all the stops to own a market segment.  I met up with just such an agent from Sarasota, Florida – Daniel Matusiak.  With the pedal down and an inspired, fearless attitude, he’s shaking things up in his area in the best sense of the words. Read the interview below – and if you missed the Webinar he did with real estate coach Todd Robertson, scroll to the end to watch on demand!

Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

Q:  Hey Daniel!  Great to get to know you – you’re doing amazing things!  Let’s start by telling our readers a little about yourself such as how long you’ve been in the business, your market area, etc.

A:  Great to be a part of this.  I’ve been in the business since 1983, 31 years this June! I’ve spent over 23 of those here in the Sarasota, Florida area! My market is luxury Real Estate, from the waterfront mansion to the golf course properties, and I love it!

Q:  Daniel, you’re a little unconventional when it comes to marketing yourself as a real estate professional?  Can you tell us why you chose the Dominator System and why it dominator1really struck a chord with you?

 A:  Well yes, I am unconventional! I choose the Market Dominator System because I saw a great way to reach the demographic area I was interested in, while at the same time ensuring my marketing will be seen and attract attention in a different way than your standard, regular postcard or newsletter. It did!  Then it struck me when one day after the first mailing. I started to receive some feedback. And then again, when I sat at an important meeting a CEO and he looked at me and said, “Oh it’s you! I received your mail out couple of days ago.  So nice to meet you in person!”

Q:  Daniel – you started by choosing your carrier routes in your market area of Sarasota, but have since branched out and now also send the Market Dominator to a carrier route in New York.  Can you give us some insights as to what made you decide this was a great list for your business?

A:  I deal in Luxury Real Estate – and my first approach was to define Luxury! The area I work dominator 2consist of mostly second homes of Retired CEO’s, CFO’s and owners of profitable corporations! It’s an attractive market because of the tranquility and privacy it offers. So, to maximize the potential for this incredible market, I enrolled a research company who will, with just a phone call, do the research necessary to provide me with a mailing list of individuals or carrier route for an area for me!  Here’s an example:   The richest zip code in America this year is 10065 in New York.  Their median price home is approximately $6,534,000. My listing price varies from $1.1 to $14 million dollars.  So it made sense to me, that to find a purchaser with at least $23 million of assets to introduce him my properties, I’d have to use the RIGHT LIST.  The Dominator System allowed me to send my first message of WARMTH from Florida during this hard winter and my second mailing showcased all that I can offer in luxury waterfront and high-end properties as a gateway from the North!

Q:  How did you decide on which marketing partners to choose?

A:  I am very selective with my advertising partners – they represent me, just as I represent them as well. I choose Sarasota Yacht and Ship to join market on Bird Key which 80% of the properties are waterfront – So from the 38 footer to the 150 feet yacht we are reaching the right demographic for both businesses.

Q:  What kind of results are you seeing from your marketing?

A:  At this point, I am recognized by the residents.  When I make calls for listings, they simply answer, “Yes we know you and would love to meet you and talk Luxury Real Estate with you!” For me, this is very powerful- it’s making me a local celebrity.  I am becoming a recognized brand name on Bird Key for almost no cost due to this program.

Q:  What advice would you have for like-minded agents eager to earn a 20% market share?

A:  Find your niche – and go after it no matter what.  Remember – this is a long run, not a sprint.  So be unique, just as Luxury Real Estate is unique.  Be confident when you present the Dominator to potential marketing partners – and know that you (and they) will have an IMPACT!  And remember you won’t know it for sure until you’re doing it!   Trust me if you invest in yourself and in an area you believe in, you will DOMINATE that market.  Just start with 500 to 600 doors.  Then, imagine 600 people all at one time getting your name in front of them on the same day, then every single month.  Now, answer this for me: What kind of impact do you will cause?  Surprise yourself!  You’ll be amazed!

Thanks so much Daniel for your time and for sharing your experience.  You’ve got some tremendous momentum, and it’s wonderful to see the lift that your business and brand are receiving from it!

Watch our Webinar-on-Demand, with Daniel as Special Guest!

If you want to learn more about how the Market Dominator System, visit us online today!  Or call our team at 855-38-DOMINATE (855-383-6646) to see if this system is right to help YOU DOMINATE and earn a 20% market share in your area!



The Right Tool for the Jobdominator logo

We’re thrilled to bring you the ultimate market domination tool this year!  Making getting in the doors — and more importantly, gaining the market share of an geographic area in your market you’re ready to own over the next two years.

The Market Dominator System was developed to help real estate agents take advantage of the United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail® product, with the lowest postage rates available today, and leverage the powerful 3-7-27 Law of Branding.  The Postal Service’s EDDM product’s pricing, unlike their other products, is the same whether it is an 11” x 6” or a 12” x 15” poster.  So for the same price, you are able to maximize your impact with a 12” x 15” poster-sized mailing which allows you to:

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Maximize your message
  • Offset the cost of your marketing
  • Saturate the entire neighborhood

The 3-7-27 Law of Branding tells us it takes:

  • 3 Impressions to begin to develop name recognition
  • 7 Impressions for consumers to put your name with your business
  • 27 Impressions to become a BRAND NAME in the mind of consumers

To control a 20% Market Share of a Geographic Area by becoming a Brand Name. When you are a Brand Name in a Geographic Area of 500 to 5,000 homes, several great things happen.  You are the area Expert. You spend less time learning and more time executing. Your Listing Presentations are a breeze because you have the Proven Results. Your phone rings every month and you own 20% of all the listings in the area! Your income skyrockets to a professional level…with less work. There really is no other competition – You become the agent to compete against. The best part is you have 10 to 50 listings a year.

You don’t become a brand name overnight. Research proves it takes 27 impressions. But not just any impression – relevant impressions that are congruent with giving consumers compelling reasons to call you – impressions that establish you as a professional who gets results – impressions that educate with information that consumers actually look forward to receiving every month!

The reason that less than 5% of all agents nationwide accomplish owning a 20% market share of a geographic area is:

  1. They don’t commit to a long term strategy
  2. They don’t see an immediate return on investment
  3. They get too busy working in their business and don’t devote the necessary resources to work on their business

The Market Dominator System actually provides a plug-and-play system where 90% of the work is already done for you. A new Market Dominator is released on the 15th of each month. It is designed so that you don’t have to touch it…but you have the flexibility to make any changes you want.

One of the best reasons to commit to the Market Dominator System is the. Because of the sheer size (12” × 15”) and the design, you have the opportunity to get a couple marketing partners – probably people you are already doing business with – and you can plug them onto the back page. They win and you win. Once this is set up, you (or your assistant) will spend less than 15 minutes a month to execute this system.

Is this for EVERYONE?  Absolutely not.  Is it for YOU?  Find out today!  Call our marketing team at 866.405.3638 or click here to learn more and download the Executive Summary and discover if this powerful system should be in YOUR toolbox this year!