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recruiting1by Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing, ProspectsPLUS!

Trying to do everything possible to build your team of real estate professionals in today’s ever-changing market?  You’re not alone!  Recruiting is definitely the name of the game as we fall into the fourth quarter and savvy brokers and managers are pulling out all the stops to gain ground before the new year rolls around. 

Tapping into the online buzz on the subject, I thought it would be fun to enlist the help of one of my new Facebook friends, Real Estate Coach Bob Corcoran to get his spin!  Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

Q.  Hey Bob, thanks for sharing with our readers today!  Certainly the topic of recruiting is the talk of the town these days.  Can you tell us why you believe it’s more important than ever? 

A:  Sure, Julie and I’m happy to be here.  You know, recruiting is not just about filling a desk.  More and more brokers are taking the time to really find the right people and the right fit for their office long term.  They’re using tools such as personality tests, special interview questions, and even exploring their social networking sites to gain a sense of the agents they are hiring.  We coach a lot of teams who are recruiting and one of the top tips we share is how important it is to not only put the money and energy into the hiring of new agents, but the training and RETAINING of those agents.  After all, great splits may get people in the door but it is how they are treated after they’re part of the team that causes them to stay. 

Q:  What are you seeing manager/brokers doing right in today’s market?

A.  Taking the time to hire right and focusing more on the training.  It’s important to see them investing more into their agents and frankly, taking away the reasons they feel they “can’t” sell real estate.  We’re seeing a phenomenal uptick in training – from companies that never provided training, and companies that had steered away from it when the economy got tight.  Smart brokers understand that agents really do want to be held accountable. 

For example, you’re seeing more Accountability Partnerships.  Brokers are even making them mandatory in some offices or with agents at a certain experience level.  today’s agents do want to be held accountability    Another powerful tool is to survey your agents.  Ask them how you can help them, what they want or what they feel they need.  You might be surprised to learn that the number one answer given by agents who are asked what they want most from their broker/company?  More one-on-one time.  They’re looking for help to sell more in less time and be more effective.  What do I recommend to brokers?  If the agents are asking for it – give it to them. 

Q:  What kind of help do you find agents are looking for most, Bob? 

A:  Honestly, accountability is a big one.  Time management, business planning and skill building are right up there as well.  You see a lot of corporate downsizing in this economy, so there are a lot of new agents who are motivated by money and are more business minded, which is good.  As real estate agents, your agents own small businesses, and they should run them as such.  I work with a client in Lawton, Oklahoma who is going to close 90 million in sales this year.  Agents like that are CEOs of their corporations in their communities.  They look at numbers, conversion rates, necessary business tools and prospecting methods.  Your agents need to do the same.   

Q:  Agreed!  So, what do you think are some of the biggest missteps managers are making today? 

A:  Frankly, not giving agents the tools they need.  If any of these characteristics sound like you, now is a good time to re-think your management strategies: 

  • Not surveying the agents to find out how you can improve service
  • Not listening or ignoring your agents
  • Micro-managing
  • Having a dictatorship culture in the office
  • Not “walking the talk”
  • Poor follow through
  • Trying to be everyone’s friend

After all, you don’t need them to love you, but you do need them to respect you.  Make sure you are walking the talk which means say what you mean, mean what you say and follow through. 

Q:  Good advice, Bob.  Let’s talk a little about how managers should build their “hit list” of recruiting prospects. 

A:  Sure.  I think the first thing you have to do is identify the ideal agent for your office.  A good place to start is to ensure you’ve clearly spelled out your company’s core values and mission.  The companies that have clarity here have no trouble attracting and keeping agents. 

Next, look at the demographics of your market place – if your demographics of your market places are 53 year olds with 3.5 kids, a 20 year old is going to have a tough time. 

Next, obviously look at those agents who your associates have had good co-broke experiences with.  Be organized and specific in your approach.   One of the things that we’ve found successful as well is to host a prospecting night for managers at the same time as the agents are making their prospecting calls.  We just did that with a recent client, and helped seven managers generate 28 recruiting appointment in two hours.  How?  They were organized, knew who their target was, they were not using a blind list and they had prepared in advance.  That’s always great advice.  Plan your work, work your plan. 

Q:  Great strategies, Bob.  Any last advice? 

 A:  Absolutely!  Lead by example. 

Thanks Bob for your time and your insight!  If you’re looking for great team solutions or recruiting know-how, be sure to look Bob up at!  He’s a terrific resource for fresh, timely tools!

Ready to grow your team of associates and dramatically increase your production?  Visit us today at  We’re helping savvy brokers across North America implement smart, effective, results-producing systems for recruiting, training and retaining their family of agents.  Call Julie at 1.866.405.3641 today to learn more!

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Get the Picture
Get the Picture

In a world where consumers are presented with millions of media images and creative stimulus daily, developing a creative culture in your organization often gives companies just the edge they need to capture additional market share.  Creativity, simply defined, is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships and to create meaningful new ideas or interpretations.  Creativity is about generating–not reacting. It is easy to quickly dismiss a new idea by over-evaluating or passing judgment.  As a business owner, your job – your responsibility is more than just punching the clock or making the payroll.  Your role as a leader is to consistently implement effective change to grow and better your business.  So, as you make your way through this year, be sure to exercise these three mental skill builders each month to ensure that you are always zoomed in on the focus it takes to truly succeed in today’s ever-changing world.

1.  Open up!  Believe to the old adage that an open mind leaves an opportunity for an idea to get dropped in.  It is a wonderful thing to adopt that mentality of youth and realize that each day, each year gives us an opportunity to learn new things, grow ourselves and our business.  Celebrate that.  The greatest modern tool we have is that we can learn and discover 24/7 via the internet.  Don’t try to know it all, but do open yourself to the creative and innovative sources that best touch your business by subscribing to industry newsletters, periodicals and libraries of easily downloadable knowledge bases, attending valuable webinars-on-demand, or inviting training professionals into your organization to share new thoughts and techniques.  You don’t need all the ideas, but one may spark you just when you least expect it, and most need it.

2.  Tap into a Team.  It is amazing how many entrepreneurs lose sight of the underlying talent and creativity that can be found in the team around them.  Brainstorming sessions within your organization are vital for inviting the kind of creative agility found in passionate organizations.  You would be surprised at how many fresh ideas are brought forth from the quiet administrative assistant, or office intern.  When everyone has a voice, you bring power and passion into your company.  Even if you are a sole proprietor, you can tap into mentor groups, networking organizations or develop a friendship with like-minded professionals in your market place and let the ideas flow.  Start your sessions with a good news report of what is going right, then talk about changes and challenges happening in your business and invite everyone to offer their suggestions and opinions.  The rule is there are no wrong or bad ideas.  Watch as one idea springboards from another and before you know it you have viable solutions and systems to better run your company.

3.  Develop your green light thinking.  The ultimate goal in adopting creative skill building into your life is to view the world with open and curious eyes.  See everything and everyone as filled with possibilities.  Buddhists call this the “beginner’s mind.” You see everything as full of possibilities. Every interaction between us and the world has the potential to spark our creativity.  The challenge is keep the green light on so that you might tune into the ideas and solutions that come your way.

In our organization, we hold weekly meetings to discuss the challenges, mechanics and creative drive necessary to continually bring new and innovative solutions to our clients.  While sometimes loud, often long and occasionally boisterous and downright passionate, it also very often creates the spark that lights the fuel that propels us forward.  We challenge you to bring that same energy and creative culture to your company.  What you will find your ability to succeed and fuel your forward momentum limitless.

4.  Help your agents step outside the box!  Too often we get stuck in one of those proverbial ruts, choosing to keep doing things the way we’ve always done them (and unfortunately getting the same not-so-great results!)  Help your associates step out of the ordinary and choose a new market segment, find a new niche, champion a new cause.  I know sales professionals who have not only gotten out of a slump but literally propelled their business far beyond their expectations (and well into realizing their goals) simply because they renewed their passion for bring the right service and the right message to a whole new audience.  One REALTOR® became the top Expired agent in her tough market and is living her dream because she wanted to help those frustrated homeowners find a better way.  I know another who is passionate about cooking, so she markets to subscribers to top food and wine magazines, sets herself up at every local cooking class and sends out recipe cards each month to a wide-reaching sphere of customers with a common interest.

Let’s make this year your best ever!  Forget the naysayers and deny the market forecasters their doom and gloom.  Infuse your organization with passion, create a laser-beam focus and paint yourself the picture of success.  I invite you to look to us as a resource you can count on.  We’re happy to bring real-world training and solutions right into your office and share the best practices used by top producers across North America.  We’re here to help!

For all of your marketing and branding needs – visit us at to learn all the many ways we can help your business stay in focus for this year ahead.  Every agent and manager that signs up for a new online account will receive 100 Free leads!  We’ll even teach you how to put them to good use!

Take care all — and have a wonderful week!

With innovation, automation and full service in mind, industry leader ProspectsPLUS! launches its all new power-packed website for agents and brokers. 

“There’s never been a more important time for real estate professionals to have intuitive, creative and cost-effective tools and resources at their fingertips,” shared Director of Corporate Marketing, Julie Escobar. “Dollars, time and energy are all at a premium for agents and brokers in today’s market.  We’re thrilled to offer the kind of smart, streamlined solutions they need to build a better business, increase their productivity and really act as a partner they can turn to when reaching for their goals this year.” 

Here are just SOME of the exciting new resources they offer:

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