Sunday, August 20, 2017

Before it’s Too Late! 

By Julie Escobar

It’s that time of year again.  The columns get creepier and for some, the grim reaper is edging closer to cutting what could be a great career short.  If you want to send him packing, and cut your own career path to top producer, kick these career-killing habits out of your office and your life and make room for prosperous practices to take root.

  1. Being REACTIVE Rather Than PROACTIVE. Being proactive takes a little longer sometimes, I know.  You’ve got to plan a little better, think ahead a little more and heaven forbid, put a plan in place to reach your goals, maximize your resources and find that slippery thing called balance.  Consider though the benefits of not going through your days in a state of knee-jerk responses.  Top producers have an unwavering commitment to what needs to be done every day to propel them towards their goals.  Does that mean that life doesn’t hand all of curve balls occasionally?  Of course not.  You’ll have obstacles to overcome but shifting your mindset and daily activities to manage your career proactively does give you the ability to see many of those obstacles before they ever even rear their ugly heads.  Take some time this week or this month to determine which “mode’ best describes how you are tackling your career and life choices then see what you can do to make some positive proactive changes!
  2. Choosing Apathy Over Action. It is amazing, even in today’s market, how many salespeople are simply waiting for something – anything—to change.  They meet their careers and clients with an apathetic attitude and somehow still expect the next big deal to land in their lap or million dollar client to call.  Success doesn’t happen by accident or happenstance.  It’s the result of consistent, effective and strategic ACTION taken daily in alignment with a person’s goals, character and commitment.   Get in the game, stop waiting for the phone to ring, the client to call or the right lottery numbers to fall into place.  There’s a reason that one of the most essential parts of any business plan is called your ACTION plan.  What do you want to accomplish?  How will get there?  What actions will take you closer to those goals?  Do them.  Today.
  3. Sticking Too Close to That “Self-Made” Image.  If you’ve “made your bones” as they say in this business and you’ve done well for yourself and tout yourself the self-made man or woman, then kudos to you with a gentle reminder to be careful.  It’s the rare if not ever circumstance that occurs when someone has risen to the top completely alone.  The true winners acknowledge all the people along the way who help, supported, mentored, believed, challenged and encouraged them.  Instead of living in the “ME” moment, take some time each week to thank those who’ve been there for you, including your customers.  Be grateful for them and to them for their part in your success.  “Thank you” are two of the most powerful words you can speak…so use them—often!
  4. Losing Perspective.  We all have bad days, tough patches, roadblocks to maneuver around.  As a top professional or someone eager to become one, your job is to keep the big picture in mind and not let a little obstacle become a long term rut.  Vince Lombardi had a great line for this, “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.”  When life hands you lemons – make the most of them, learn from them and move on to the bigger goal.  Perspective is everything in terms of keeping your cool, staying excited an joyful about bringing your best self to your customers and career and meeting the world face-forward and ready for anything!

As we head into the end of the year, do yourself a favor and do a little “fall cleaning.”  Ditch the bad habits and adopt some new ones.  They’ll not only help your rise to sales stardom, they’ll help you achieve that elusive balance between work and a life, let you laugh more along the way and help build lifelong relationships that will not only earn you referrals, but friendships as well!

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