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With a little better than 100 days left in the year, top producers are stepping up their game to ensure a great fourth quarter and to hit the new year with more momentum and production than ever. Ready to do the same?

Here are four top-producer tips for staying top of mind – and more importantly – tops in your market by consistently reaching out to your sphere-of-influence and farm areas. What’s in it for you? More client business, more referrals and happier customers who know they can count on you as a resource!

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Hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us! Sending holiday postcards is a great way to wish your clients well and let them know that you’re thinking of them. They’re perfect for opening that door to a follow up call to thank them for being a valuable client all year round. They’ll feel special, you’ll pick up a lead or two (or more) and you’ll set the stage for a great end of the year! Can’t beat that!

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Let’s face it – the world we live in today could certainly use a little more inspired thought! Stay in touch with these beautiful and motivating postcards which will remind clients that you are thoughtful, insightful and eager to be there for them in a quickly-changing and often-challenging market.  You never know — this  may be just the thing to make someone’s day!


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We all know content is king in today’s world of internet and social media. How do you get your sphere and customer base to FIND you online? These handy postcards are perfect for doing the trick! Set up a blog or fan page just for your market and fill it with the hyper-local information consumers are hungry for and you’ll not only create a strong fan base—but drive your productivity way up as well as they share you content with friends and family!

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Solve the “what to cook” dilemma for you clients and they’ll keep your cards (and contact information) right where they can get to it for years to come. We have agents who even purchase recipe card holders for their special customers so they have a way to hold on to each postcard in one place! (Quick thinkers!) The recipes are always delicious – and you’ll soon find yourself with customers “hungry” for more!  Look for the terrific holiday recipes!

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Happy Holidays!


An Interview with Sales Industry Legend Floyd Wickman

By Julie Escobar

Want to know how to get listing leads?  Go to top.  That’s just what I did for this week’s article on how real estate professionals can generate more leads, increase their productivity and build their book of business.  So I climbed up on the mountain…ok…really I just made a call to an old friend who just happens to be an expert on the topic – Floyd Wickman. Always willing to share and eager to help a girl out – Floyd offered great insight, quick wit and smart strategies.

Here’s what I learned…

Q:  Hey Floyd!  As always, wonderful to connect with you!  This month I’ve been focusing on lead generation for agents, so I was looking for some strategies to help agents keep their pipeline full of listing leads!  Who better to help with that question than YOU?  What do you believe are say the top three ways agents can develop listing leads in today’s market?

A:  Hey Julie, right back at you!  Always happy to help.  Hmmm…top three huh?   I’ve got to say, first of all, let’s take a look at the most obvious – but often the most overlooked by a lot of agents strategy.  Your current listings.  In other words, one listing can help you generate leads, so imagine what 10 listings could do for you-right?  So I just want agents to realize that up front – the more listings you get, the more leads you’ll produce just by having that listing.

Let’s look real quick though at the difference between a lead and a prospect.  The leads are your starting point right?  (Because let’s face it – not too many people are walking in the office jumping up and down saying “I want to buy a house!  I want to buy a house with you!”  Right?  So the key is to turn those leads (names and contacts) into prospects (someone you know is interested in buying or selling now or in the future.)  In my program we teach agents to focus on the activities that will help them do just that and I must say – even in today’s changing market – we’re STILL averaging over one transaction per person per week.

So, the first thing is to focus on listings being the name of the game.  Secondly, we’re teaching agents to focus on calling for referrals.  Their job is to call four hours a week to everyone they know and everyone who they know knows for referrals and they’re averaging 2.4 referrals a week.  From this, they can expect to pull a referral from every twelve conversations on average!  Which is great!  And of course, is perfect for someone with just one listing or a low inventory of listings.  Just note that the agents STILL get more leads from the listings they already have than from the calls.  It’s that simple.  Referral calling is great – but alone it will never get you as many leads as what we call the ‘inventory magnet.’

Thirdly, we have them focus on other niche areas they can be working such as expireds and FSBOs.  Right now, agents seem to be having more success with the expireds and you know working that niche can start out as simply as sending multiple mailings to those expireds sharing what you can do for them.  Something you guys at ProspectsPLUS! know a lot about!  The trick there is to FOLLOW UP on those mailings.  Don’t be afraid to make a call or knock on a door and let people know what you’re about and more importantly, how you can help them.

Q:  We sure do Floyd and I’ll share some of that information in the end of the interview – thanks!  I’m so glad you brought up the stats you guys keep.  I think it’s important for agents to know that agents are having REAL success out there.  That with focus, the right tools and the right strategies – they can build a powerful inventory and customer base that will allow them to earn a great living – not just RIGHT NOW but long into the future if they keep in touch!   Can we talk for a minute about those referral calls?  What are agents saying that’s helping them attract so many referrals?

A:  Sure!  Like anything else, I believe making referral calls (or doing anything successfully) requires a process.  It helps people stay on track and not get overwhelmed.  Here’s some great dialogue that works.  “Hi, (name) – my name is Floyd Wickman  and I’m expanding my business and I could use your help.”  (Often times it’s smart to explain WHY you’re expanding your business…)  “You see, we’re kind of in a perfect storm in this market.  We’ve got the largest, best-priced inventory of homes that we’ve had in YEARS as well as extremely favorable interest rates, so it really is the perfect time to buy. So I’m expanding my business and I was wondering if I were to ask you to refer me to someone interested in buying or selling would you be willing to do that?”  (People almost always say yes to this – it’s just an easy, no-pressure answer.  That doesn’t mean they’ll always actually give you a referral mind you – but it starts the process.

Remember this—people don’t refer as a favor to YOU–they refer as a favor to the people they know.

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