Sunday, October 22, 2017

Helping Potential Hand-Raisers Find You

by Julie Escobar

It’s been an exciting year for new marketing development and we’ve been thrilled to be a resource that agents can turn to to access the kind of marketing meets technology that gets results.  Specifically new data rebotools that have allowed us to help agents find the right customers for their businesses — and their markets a whole lot easier.

This month, we’d like to spotlight our latest data option that is turning heads – and better yet, helping agents find new listings.  We have recently partnered with the folks over at ReboGateway to provide customers just like you a new data alternative.  Their strength is in pinpointing consumers with life events that often lead to the sale of a house LE Divorcesuch as divorce, notice of default, expired listing, estate sales, etc. The cool thing is that they even do a daily email drop that tells you what events are taking place on any given day so  you can be the first agent to reach out to those consumers with our new, soft-approach direct response mail Life Event postcards. We recommend that when you receive your trigger data indicating one of these life events in your market area, you send a series of three postcards to that consumer about 3-4 weeks apart, and then follow up with them to offer additional answers and resources that may help them best manage their situation and get their home sold for the best possible price and terms.  In today’s world, people want LE NODan advocate they can trust to help them navigate the change they are experiencing.  These marketing tools will help you present yourself as that advocate!

It’s a terrific winning combination that agents are excited about adding to their marketing plans as we head out of this year and into the next!

With this new data option you can fine tune some of the marketing that you are doing.  For many top agents it adds another level of influence and expertise to their credibility.  Coupled with their traditional sphere of influence marketing, and geo farming — you’ve got a great foundation for your new business plan.

We invite you to join us Thursday, November 12th at 1pm Eastern for a special introductory webinar on how you too can get started using this revolutionary means of tapping into valuable trigger data in your own market! Click the register now button below to sign up

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You may also want to take a look at our new ReboGateway Information page to get more information and watch a terrific new video they’ve created just for you!  Find it here. 

We’ve also created a great new video to share with you how to import your data from ReboGateway into your account:

Have questions or need help?  Our team is always ready to assist! Call them today at 866.405.3638! 


Real estate agent or a home buyer selecting an energy efficient house from a row of paper houses in energy label colors.

You’ll Need a Few Tools of the Trade

By Julie Escobar

This month’s Master Marketing Schedule Tip is perfect for those of you who are looking for a new niche to jump into.  Our recommendation is to start planting the seeds for potential move up market clients.  With markets continuing to rebound and our economy getting stronger, many families are once again considering moving up to the next size home.  If you’re the agent staying top of mind with the right marketing materials, you could easily position yourself as the turn to agent. 6 move up mistakes

So how do you get started? 

  1. Locate a neighborhood with a large number of first-time or entry-level homeowners or choose the county in which you’d like to establish your niche.
  2. Gather data and listings for larger homes in neighborhoods with prices $50,000 to $100,000 higher than your targeted group.
  3. Do your homework. Know as much about those new neighborhoods as possible including school ratings, local business information, etc.
  4. Download our Free Report: 6 Move Up Mistakes Home Buyers Make to use as collateral, and a fair trade offer.move up market 1
  5. Start sending our series of three Move Up Market postcards once a month to homeowners in your targeted area.
  6. Mailing list options. If searching by a specific neighborhood, you can use our radial search by street address function. Or simply choose your state, county, and then the Move Up Market option tosearch your market.
  7. Start following up! Canvass the area with your free report and even Need more room carddoor hangers.
  8. You may also want to order a stack of our Need More Room postcards from our Life Event series and see if area pediatricians and obstetricians will let you put them in their waiting rooms. Baby superstores and boutiques are another great place to advertise. Growing families are often in the market for bigger homes.

We love when agents get creative about how they market themselves and aren’t afraid to go a little outside the box. Just remember, when working with move up market buyers, be prepared to help them best understand how to juggle financing and timing – especially if they have to sell their current home first.  Have fun with this niche!

Need more great marketing ideas? Visit our Master Marketing Schedule today. It’s filled with new, innovative and outside the box ideas each and every month!  Need help?  Our marketing team is top of the line at 866.405.3638 and ready to answer your questions or help you create the marketing piece that’s perfect for your market.  


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And Take Your Results to the Next Level

By Julie Escobar

Busy week for interviews!  This time I sat down with speaker and trainer Todd Robertson to learn what he sees top producers and Market Dominator Members doing to skyrocket their results this fall.

Here’s what he shared:

Q:  We are seeing some of the Dominator members gain some traction in their geo farms lately because theyNov-DOM-Front are working smarter, not necessarily harder. Can you tell us what agents are doing that’s making an impact?

A:  I think there are two factors that are working in agents’ favor are first that the market is continuously improving all over the country. Inventory is low and for those agents that have been at it 3-6 months or more, the branding is kicking in and helping them create momentum.  Secondly, for those prospects who’ve been receiving that branded marketing month after month – especially the Dominator because of its sheer 12 x 15 size, if there’s even a chance that they are interested in selling or know someone who is, they know exactly who to call.  They can look at that level marketing and say, “Hey – if they market themselves this way – imagine what they can do for my home and my listing.”

Q:  Pricing properties right is STILL a big priority for agents.  Can you give a little dialogue that agents canNov-DOM-Backuse to ensure they get it right the first time?

A:  Yes, unfortunately too many agents are still eager to take an overpriced listing. The truth is that great agents show up with the truth and aren’t afraid to tell a seller, “I SELL homes, not just LIST them.  And I’m here to get you the best possible price and terms for your listing.  However 90% of the marketing we’re going to do to get your home sold starts right now by choosing the right price for your home.”  You have some great dialogues and strategies and even visuals in your eBook, 21 Ways to Get Your Listings Priced Right the First Time, I recommend it for any agent struggling with list price objections.

Q:  Well thanks so much for the testimonial!  It’s actually helped a lot of agents.  Todd, a lot of agents go into cruise control asNov-DOM-Free-Report the holidays approach – what is your advice for agents to stay positioned — and still have some balance?

A:  You know, it’s super easy for agent to kind of hide behind their computers and not prospect, and when the holidays approach it gives them even more reason and excuses to shut down. “I don’t want to bother people during the holidays.”  “I’m too busy with holiday stuff.”  “It’s the wrong time of year to prospect.”  The truth is none of those are really true, and great agents know it.  In fact, they make the most of this time by ramping up their marketing times ten to capture that lost market share left by agents who go into holiday hibernation.  If buyers are out during the holidays they are usually great to work with because they are serious, usually straight forward, and are more often than not super motivated to move quickly. When I’m talking to Dominator members I ask them to future pace themselves.  To see themselves 4-5 months from now as the agents holding all the listings because all those dormant agents will just be coming back to the game in January.  Their recourse is to do what?  Sell THEIR listings.  If you want that to be the same for YOU, do what the Dominator customers are doing – ramp up your marketing ten-fold.

Q:  Any quick advice for agents to earn an extra or two this month?

A:  Yes, see the last answer.  Pour on the marketing.  Go into overdrive. Make a plan to touch every person in your sphere of influence.  Go all out for your geographic farming. Knock on some doors. Be present in your community.  Seize every opportunity to connect with people.  Our Dominator customers are automatically sent 20 extra Dominators every month to use in their marketing. They also have a cache of free reports that they can use in their social media marketing, as resources at open houses, and as fair trade items to get new prospects to opt into their sites.  I suggest you do all that and take those extra Dominators to the local businesses in your market and share it with them.  Let them know who you are and what you’re doing there in those communities and then ask the magic question, “Who do you know who might be interested in buying or selling a home this month?”  It’s worth the ask!  Good luck!

Thanks so much Todd – we appreciate the insights!  If you want to learn more about what our Market Dominator customers are doing to stand out in their markets and ramp up their results, contact Todd today at 702-683-1967 or visit us online at!  

The Power of a Plan in Place

By Julie Escobar

There’s a lot to be said for having a plan in place and sticking to it.  Primarily, the peace of mind you have when you DON’T leave your marketing and business to chance.  Chasing the next commission and worrying about where the next check is coming from is stressful for you – and your family and one of the top reasons agents burn out and leave the business.  Instead re-visit that business plan, or build a new one if you have to so that you greet each new day, week – and year with that same focus we have at the year’s start with a brand new plan in place.

To help reconnect with what agents should be doing right now to make the most of the fall market and beyond, I got in step with real estate coach and Market Dominator Director Todd Robertson.  Here’s an sept dominatorexcerpt from our conversation:

Q:  Todd, what can agents do to ensure a successful fall season? 

A:  You know the top agents I’m talking to are telling me how grateful they are that they’ve had a consistent plan in place to reach their geographic farm and sphere for a while.  It makes a world of difference when you hit the hot markets.  It puts the pressure on the competition to play catch up and puts them in the lead.  That’s the power of positioning and planning.  We talk a lot with agents about putting the 3-7-27 law of branding to work for you. That is three contacts for someone to know your name, seven to put your name with your business, and twenty-seven to become a top-of-mind brand in their minds.  That top of mind awareness coupled with confident follow up is what will take agents to the top of their market. That’s what we know is working for our Dominator customers.  They are showing up month after month with a 12×15 marketing piece in the mailboxes of their farm area.  That’s five times larger than most competitors – and 100 times more effective obviously than the agents who are just dabbling at their business and not showing up at all.  When you show up at that level month after month two things happen:  your competition goes away, and the sellers and buyers in that area see you as a serious agent with marketing savvy.  The message you’re sending is, “I’m here.  I’m a resource. And I can market YOUR home effectively.”  That’s a message that gets noticed.

Q:  Awesome.  Todd – do you have some dialogue for those agents who are planning a door-knocking campaign this fall?

A:  Sure.  The first thing I’d say is be yourself.  There are a lot of speaker/trainers who will give you ‘dialogue’ – but if it’s not comfortable for you – then it won’t feel genuine to them, so first and foremost, be yourself.  Secondly, know why you are there – which is to plant the seeds for listings and sales.  Introduce yourself, tell them who you are and what company you represent.  Our Dominator customers even have a little fun with it and say things like, “I’m the guy that’s been sending that obnoxious 12×15 poster each month!”  Ask if they have any questions you can answer and plant the question of your own – “who do you know who might be interested in listing or selling in the next 90 days?”  Will you get them all?  No, will you make a great first impression? That’s up to you. Bring you’re A-game and be your best self.  That’s the best approach you can take.

Q:   Thanks Todd.  As a student of some of the best motivators in the business, you certainly speak a great deal about the power of mindset. What do you believe should be agents’ mindset going into the last four months of the year?

A:  Yes, one thing is certain – mindset really does equal market share.  Here’s what we know.  For those agents who are confident, competent, and ready for anything in terms of knowing their presentation perfectly, being prepared for any objection that comes their way, and have rock solid skills – keeping their mindset strong and positive is a whole lot easier. Why? Because they’ve already prepared.  You can wake them from their sleep at 2am and they could deliver their presentation flawlessly.  There’s not a situation or objection that can rattle them.  They are tuned in, tapped into their market in such a way that there aren’t a whole lot of surprises. And they have a marketing and business plan in place that is the track their business runs on.  Those things are fuel for the mind because when you have that all together, getting up and hitting it hard each day aren’t as challenging.  Plus they fuel their mindset with even more fire for success by reading great words from great minds in great business books. They tap into YouTube and watch empowering and skill-mastering videos.  They are a student of their industry and continuously learn and fine-tune their business practices.  That’s what it takes in this market, and there’s never been a better or easier time to build your momentum.

Q:  Awesome.  What are your Dominator customers finding works right now?

A:  Great question. Those that have had their system in place for a while are now in full-scale follow up mode.  They are walking their geographic farms, hosting aggressive open houses, and keeping their sphere in the loop by contact them with a call, or visit every 3-4 months. They are pulling out the stops – and will continue to as they advance their momentum and their market share. What I also find is that they are service minded.  One of the reasons they chose to use the Dominator is of course, the presentation – 12×15 is hard to overlook, right?  But they also tell me that they chose it because of the content it provides.  Real resource-based material that helps to answer the questions in the minds of today’s consumers.  People are hungry for information these days.  By providing that information and consistently delivering answers for the people in the communities they serve, these agents are effectively building the rapport and trust that it takes to earn the business of those folks in those communities. I am reminded of a Zig Ziglar quote, “Stop selling, start helping.”  Taking the role of consultant and resource is a powerful way to position yourself as the turn-to agent.

Great stuff Todd. Thanks for your insights this week.  If you’re interested in learning more about Market Dominator, watch this video, and feel free to contact Todd via email today.  The system is a powerful one for agents eager to earn a 20% market share in a geographic farm area.  It taps into the cost-effective Every Door Direct Mail system provided by USPS, and when coupled with a marketing partner, is by far one of the timeliest and most affordable marketing tools you can use to farm. 

Got questions? Contact the marketing team at today at 866.405.3638.  They are happy to assist! 


New Digital Magazine Filled With Tools for YOU

by Julie Escobar

We’re thrilled this week to introduce you to the digital, online version of our all-new, edition two of the Master Marketing Magazine which started hitting mailboxes all across the nation last week.  The reviews and comments are coming in fast and the word on the street is that it is already being recommended as a tool agents can count on as they put their marketing in place to hit the second half of this year strong.

Expanded from our first edition – this powerful publication has 75 pages that are filled to the brim with strategic content, creative ideas, and market-savvy tools you can use starting right now with a focus on matching your marketing with your market segment using incredible new data sources and options!

Marketing MagazineHere are a few of the featured articles: 

  • The Big Data Game is On
  • Nielsen Prizm Codes, Smart Segments, and Technology
  • Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN Your Business
  • How to Dominate in a Geographic Farm
  • The Right Tools for the Right People at the Right Time
  • Every Door Direct Mail – Why It’s a Hot Ticket Item
  • How to Take More Listings NOW
  • 4 Ways to Use Hyper Local Content for a Competitive Edge
  • Why Data Never Sleeps
  • 4 Tips for a Strong Second Half
  • PLUS…a 6-MONTH Master Marketing Schedule

And so much more…

How do you get YOUR copy?  If you are already a registered member of, you should be receiving your copy in the mail very soon.  In fact, refer-a-friend to join our system for FREE, and you’ll be eligible to receive a $25 gift card, and so will your friend – and we’ll send a copy of the all new magazine out to get them started.  Find out more here.

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Being a resource YOU can turn to – is our passion.  Enjoy!