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Six Ways to Fuel Your Spherespread the love

By Julie Escobar

Hearts, flowers, candy – love is all around us this month isn’t it?  (I personally can get behind that chocolate thing-can’t you?)  What I am also loving is checking in with agents all around the globe who are PASSIONATE about what they do, about their clients, about their business and about their futures. The common denominator for these superstars?  They are all about PEOPLE.  SERVICE.  STAYING IN TOUCH.  CONNECTING.  And it sure does show in their bottom line results.

So what are they doing that may be DIFFERENT? 

1.  They’re Not Shy About Showing Their Passion.  Whether they are standing in line for coffee, sending out direct response mail, firing up monthly newsletters, sharing on social media, networking at business events, volunteering at their kid’s schools, showing property, meeting with sellers, negotiating with colleagues – they exude that they are passionate about doing what they do. And that is a contagious, incredible magnet for new relationships and new business!

2.  They Get the “Out of Sight-Out of Mind” Thing.  There’s a reason why such a low percentage of sellers use the same agent twice – even though they had no problem with the service or the sale.  The agents fail to STAY IN TOUCH.  The biggest part of the phrase sphere of influence is INFLUENCE – and if you’re not doing the work, connecting with them month after month and sharing ideas, information, insight, and interest in who they are and what they need – you’ll lose the connection, the recognition, the awareness and unfortunately – the business.  So put yourself out there!  Contact everyone in your sphere every month-two months in SOME way – whether easy-to-send postcard mailers, hand written notes, a phone call, an invite, or all of the above.  And make sure you’re actually TALKING to them at least twice a year.

3.  They’re NOT Sitting at Their Desks.  Well at least not MOST of the time.  They are out in their community.  They are VISIBLE.  They are sharing ideas at networking events.  They are talking to local business owners.  They’re walking their farm areas.  They are meeting with buyers, sellers and potential buyers and sellers.  They’re getting together with past clients.  They are hosting workshops in their local libraries, Starbucks, schools and offices.  The days of just waiting for the phone to ring and expecting to compete are long gone.  Get out there!  Make at least one new connection (or better still – 5) every day!

4.  They Leave All That Territorial Stuff to Others.  Great agents aren’t afraid to share ideas, insights, strategies, solutions and smart advice with their colleagues around the world.  They get that we can help each other raise the bar for our industry and our marketplaces and that doesn’t lesson who we are as a sales professional.  In fact, quite the contrary.  All of a sudden, while other agents are duking it out over a $50,000 listing, savvy, sharing agents are referring million dollar+ properties to each other.  Raise the bar.  When we all get better – we all make more.  (Is the law of attraction creeping into this article?)

5.  They Invest in Systems – So Things Don’t Fall Through the Cracks!  For many agents the term “I’m busy” isn’t really the case, but for top agents juggling high listing volume, networking opportunities, client service and families – they don’t leave it to chance that their marketing, correspondence, database management, paperwork, etc. is going to get done.  They put the systems in place to handle it.  Automated Just Listed/Just Sold postcards that go out every time they take a listing without lifting a finger, virtual assistants who update databases weekly, scheduled postcard campaigns that deliver timely messages every 30 days are just some great examples.

6.  They Focus on the People – Not the Paycheck.  Listen, I know it’s hard when you’re seriously waiting for that next commission just to get the bills paid.  I’m fairly sure most of us have been there a time or two in our careers.  But the people who really skyrocket are the ones who switch up their mindset from scarcity to service.  What you may not realize is when all you’re focused on is the money…it SHOWS. When you’re on a listing appointment, meeting with a buyer, meeting new people and prospecting. People don’t want to just be a paycheck to someone – they want to be a valued customer – and when you treat them that way and you focus on ‘how can I bring the best possible service and connection to this customer’ – that’s when you really see things shift in your direction.

Hope you loved at least some of these ideas!  Remember we’re always here if you need us.  Like the practices we teach – we’re passionate about providing the best possible service and products to our customers (YOU!) and our industry.  Need help?  Call us at 866.405.3638!  We’d LOVE to hear from you! 

One Month Down, Eleven to Go!
on track

By Julie Escobar

As we round the corner into February, it’s interesting to note that many entrepreneurs fall into three categories: those who created a comprehensive business plan and are on track, those who made a plan but just like those resolutions have started to slip, and those who are still taking the “hope for the best” approach to their business. Which are you?

In today’s competitive marketplace, savvy business men and women know that having a viable business plan and tracking it not just annually, but weekly and monthly as well is critical to success. Why? Consider how quickly you can find yourself not one month off track, but one quarter or one half of the year and then what? Once you lose your footing, getting back on track and staying focused becomes a slippery slope.

Consumers are more apt than ever to “take their business elsewhere” if they don’t feel like they are a priority for you and your organization.

As a consumer yourself, who are you more likely to do business with?
The professional who month after month and year after year reminded you that they appreciated your business and are there during good times and bad or the company that only calls when they are trying to sell you something? Now turn the tables. How many of YOUR customers have you failed to send something to, call or see in person over the last twelve months?

They say it costs 5 to 10 times more to sell to new customers than it does to sell more to current customers, and yet what percent of our effort is spent looking for new customers vs. pleasing and staying in touch with our current customers? Sometimes it’s not geographically possible to meet in person or invite a client to lunch, but it is possible to call them every two to three months. It can be as simple as asking, “how are things going for you and your business?” Letting people know you care, and that you are interested not only in your success but theirs as well is the foundation for building long term referral success. Sending them something every month is equally as simple by putting automated systems in place to creatively:

Finding new customers is tough and expensive. Once you’ve got a customer, hold on to them by staying in touch. I can guarantee you if you don’t, somebody else will.

As we head into month two of the year — take the time NOW to determine if you are on track or off. Ensure that your customers know that you are there and that you care not just once or twice a year, but consistently month after month. Remember to use the SEND-CALL-SEE approach to your marketing.  Continuously SEND something to your sphere, CALL them at least once a quarter and SEE them at least every six months for the best success.  You’ll keep their business and ensure that your name and number are handy the next time they are asked by a family member or friend, “who would you call for real estate…?”

Need help deciding what to send, when to call and see your customers?  Call our office today at 866.405.3638!  We’re always here to help!  

Tips from Our Valued Customers!great ideas

By Julie Escobar

We’re having a great time reading all the tips, strategies and ideas being shared by our valued customers during out holiday contest!  I’ve found that agents are always eager to learn what’s working and what’s not from their colleagues.  And it’s terrific to see that despite everyone coming from different cultures, companies and market areas – there are always common denominators amongst producers in this business and our customer responses spotlight just that!

Let’s take a look at some of what they’ve shared!

From Mildred Jones-King :  “I’m getting ready to order the Just Sold postcards. It’s a great way to let neighbors know that a house had been sold in their area.” 

Cara McLean Rolfes: “I have started using the just sold and just listed and it got me a listing the day after they went out!”

Jim Dobson:  The Just Listed/Just Sold postcards do the job! They are high quality and effortless to produce.

Kimberly Bouchey:  I like to use the Just Listed postcard to inform the neighbors and other prospective buyers what is available in their market. I usually follow this up with an Open House.

Tina’s Orlando Paradise Homes:   Just listed/sold postcards are great. I get calls from neighbors who find me with the cards in the mail. I love the system, ( –  I don’t have to do anything, it’s just done. Thank you.

Pat Taylor Bogenn:  Got a new listing from the “just sold” postcards with a few weeks of starting the program! Absolutely great, affordable marketing!

Jenny Hellman: I love the Just Listed and Just Sold cards. It’s a great way to get your name out in different neighborhoods. I have acquired 3 new listings so far as a direct result from the mailings. WOW!

Tina Chiles Herrmann:  I received several listings from your cards. Thanks for the ease of doing business.

Janet Buff:  Just Sold / Just Listed Postcards are my favorite marketing tools to use!

Eleonore Gerstenfeld:   The sale and sold cards are a great tool. I like the idea that neighbors know and send referrals.

Mark Miller:   Just Listed/Just Sold postcards are a valuable and affordable tool.

Farah Chowhdury:  Just wanted to let you all know I have collected 2 or 3 future leads by using just listed cards through prospect plus.  It was wonderful!

Diane Wilson:  I had used the Just Listed/Just Sold postcards for several years a few years ago I decided to stop. This summer I sold a condo for someone that had saved my Just Sold postcard for 3 years and they also bought a new home. Needless to say I signed back up for the system because it works! Thanks ProspectsPLUS!

Lori Spanbauer – Blazek Muller:   We have great success using Craigslist ads (from for our properties this year. Just listed/Just sold cards are a great return on investment…every Realtor should use them.

Tricia Christlieb Yocum:  Just started an investor campaign since I have a few listings in that price range…expecting great success.

Maggie Dokic: The best tip I can give anyone wanting to maximize their marketing dollars is to use Every Door Direct Mail. For the same cost as traditional mail, you get to hit THREE times the household! I was able to bump up my mailings from roughly 300 pieces up to 1,000 by using EDDM instead of a mailing list. I sat down and picked out my routes. I even chose routes to add to those initial ones once I start seeing results (I want to reinvest as soon as I can!). I started out with 1,002 households for a mailing cost of about $146 (plus the postcards – cheaper in bulk!) and have my plan in place to add carrier routes systematically, until I am touching roughly 12,000 households in my chosen area. Yes, we know consumers are online and we have all that covered. But they also get their mail daily and we want them to see us there too. Prospects Plus and EDDM both ROCK!

Catherine Hallock:  All the products are wonderful. I really like the FSBO brochures; I always have a supply of them in my car so I can just leave them in people’s mailboxes. Works great!

Susan Kravick:  Refrigerator magnets are great. We mail them out now and then give them in the Chamber Welcome bags. I love seeing them in homes that I list or show. Great way to keep my name visible all year.

Cynthia Ferreira Fleming:  My service strategy is to go door to door with doorhangers and other marketing pieces. This allows me to make face-to-face contact with customers. Once people have a ‘real’ face to the name for the materials they are receiving in the mail, they generally feel more comfortable calling you!

Christine Rubin:  I plan to mail to my targeted areas more frequently in 2013, and follow-up with a phone call and door knock.  I also plan to integrate a custom mailer to be eye catching and even actionable.

Great shares from everyone!  THANKS so much!  If you’d like to learn more about our automated Just Listed/Just Sold postcards call Becky at 866.999.MLSM or visit us online at  They’re easy, effortless, affordable and give you peace of mind because they go out without your having to lift a finger – so you ALWAYS know it’s done!

If you’d like to learn more about our all-inclusive Ultimate Marketing Toolkit that includes Craigslist Ads, Just Listed postcards, lead generation cards, single property websites and more – visit us online at or call our office at 866.405.3638.

If Every Door Direct Mail is something you would like to include in your marketing strategy in 2013 – visit us at or call us at 866.405.3638. Our team will be happy to help you choose your carrier routes, create your mailing piece and determine the frequency of mailings that will work best for you!

Just want to stay in touch with your sphere or farm with direct mail marketing?  Visit or call our team to help you choose the postcard campaign that most resonates with your business, your market and your customers.

Phew! Can’t wait to see more ideas and suggestions in the coming weeks!  Now you could win– if you HAVEN’T entered the contest to win a free iPad Mini by sharing YOUR ideas, insights and best strategies  — what are you waiting for?  Get in on the action and you could be cruising the net on your all new iPad by the end of the year!

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How the Powerful Words of Zig Ziglar Touched So Many Lives…

by Julie Escobar

I have been extraordinarily blessed and am grateful for the opportunities in my life to have sat with, talked to, listened to and been inspired by some of the most gifted speakers in our industry. It’s tough to top Zig Ziglar.  Somehow he delivered messages that were ALWAYS timeless, ALWAYS touching and ALWAYS right on the money.  His words have touched, inspired, motivated into action and soothed the souls of millions of people around the globe.  What a legacy.

With often a quiet voice and a Southern gentleman’s charm – he didn’t need grande gestures to create extraordinary impact.  One of my favorite quotes from Zig was not one of his most famous – but for me it settles in as a great reminder, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

He was a man who from everything I know of him, used his 24 hours each day to their fullest.  He poured into each day faith and friends and family and work and passion and joy and lessons – both learned and taught.  It would be a pretty amazing world if we all did that wouldn’t it?

So today, let us challenge ourselves to choose our direction and create legacies of our own in at least some little ways.  Share kindness.  Be a great examples.  Help the folks around you.  Teach and learn. And pour yourself into every 24 hours with all you have.  And if you’re a salesperson who HASN’T taken a page from Zig on how to become your personal best – don’t wait another day to start learning.  He sure had a lot to share on the topic!

Thanks Zig – for everything you gave and everything you were.

We’d love to hear your favorite Zig stories – and how he touched your life!  Share them with us here.  Take care and if you need us – call us at 866.405.3638!  

EDDM® Webinar on Demand with Julie Escobar and Ramona Williams

What a wonderful audience we had this week on our webinar!  With important questions coming in from all around North America and a first hand look at how to choose the carrier routes that are right for you, the real costs involved and who should and shouldn’t really be using Every Door Direct in their marketing — we covered a lot of bases in our time together.

We recorded it on demand for you to share with your team or colleagues.  Watch it here:

To learn more about this valuable service – call our team at 866.405.3638 today or visit our site at