Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thank you to all our wonderful customers, clients and even industry icons who took the time to And the Winner Is - Revealing the Award Resultsshare their thoughts, experiences, and testimonials with us on our all new Google+ Page!  It’s been an exciting month to read all your kind words and great stories.

We put everyone’s name in to win and we’re thrilled to announce the winner of the iPad Mini is non other than long time, wonderful customer Phoebe Wealdon! Congratulations Phoebe!

I asked what her favorite things about using were and she shared, “First of all, everyone is so nice.  Your customer service team is always helpful, even when I know I’ve sometimes asked the same question more than once!  I use the system to send holiday cards, Just Listed and Just Sold cards (they always make you look like you’re busy in a market place), and for the new year I’m going to start your Master Marketing Schedule strategy of sending the Neighborhood Update postcards to break into a new farm area!  As a visual person, I love the new Master Marketing Schedule.  It’s a great way to learn new ideas and stay on track! Thank you all so much!”

We had over 70 people enter for a chance to win and it’s been wonderful to connect with you all in this way!

And as it should be when all good contests end–we’re starting  a NEW ONE!  Ready to enter? 

November’s Prize will be a $250 gift card redeemable for any product on Choose from postcards, door hangers, presentation folders, business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, even mailing lists and more — or a combination of any or all of the above! We’ll even help you decide which will work best for you!

Entering is easy!  

  • Step one:  Visit our Google+ Page
  • Step two:  Post your review
  • Step three:  Stay tuned!  The next winner will be announced December 3rd!

It’s that simple!  And thanks again to everyone for joining in the fun!


Results Are In For Our Facebook Contest! winners are

by Julie Escobar

Wow!  Great shares from so many of you on what you’re doing that’s WORKING and smart strategies for the year ahead.  From our entire team, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this fun contest!

Now, without further ado — our winners and their top insights for the new year!

First prize and the winner of an all new iPad Mini — Qabbani Goodwyn – who was quite prolific and specific — wrote:

THE CHALLENGE: Had a rare listing around $500k on which I received multiple offers and sold it in less than a week. Potential buyers kept asking me, “Do you have anymore listings like this one??” I wished so hard that I did, but didn’t know how I would get a similar listing or when that would happen.

THE ROUSE: I heard about the program right about the time this listing went to settlement. I wondered if all the testimonials on the site were true, and more importantly, could I achieve similar results. To be able to click a few places online and have these postcards canvassed to the area with no additional time consumption on my part was very alluring. If I got just one listing out of it, the ROI would be incredible!

PULLING THE TRIGGER: Instead of sending 100, I took a leap of faith and decided to send 275 postcards, jumbo size, not standard. I did this 11 days ago, with a positive expectation of success, even though I was leery as to if sellers between $500k and $1 million would respond to this type of marketing.

SUCCESS!: Within one week I received two calls – one from a neighbor a few doors down from my sold listing, and another from a homeowner facing foreclosure to needed to short-sale her home (larger than my original listing). I met with both homeowners immediately. The results – I am exploring foreclosure alternatives with homeowner #1 who will list with me if they can’t refinance, and the big news is that I secured a listing with homeowner #2 last night. It was a little uncanny that way that the postcard established “credibility” for me before I even walked in the door with these homeowners. They both were immediately very warm to me and were ready to get right down to business.

1. Made sure that I put “Short Sale Specialist” next to “Realtor” in my contact info, and also had a link to my CDPE website for distressed homeowners.
2. I included my personal statement/slogan on the back of the card, and added a call to action specifically with my phone number largely printed.
3. Rather than saying “Just Sold, yadda-yadda”, I highlighted how quickly I sold the previous listing and attributed it to my “12-point Social Media & Internet Marketing Plan”, and added “Let us get amazing results for you!”
4. It didn’t hurt that I’m with RE/MAX and our brand has top of consciousness with both buyers and sellers – so I showcased our “RE/MAX #1” logo.

I hope this testimonial is helpful to others 🙂 I plan to use the entire GLS program with every listing. I’m most excited by the Multi-Channel Direct Response Postcard. I will send out a minimum of 100 cards at the time of listing, and then another minimum 100 when it’s sold. I still need to buy an IPad or IPad Mini so that I can enhance the way I present at my listing appointments.

Thanks ProspectsPLUS!

Our second place winner who will receive $150 in free postcard marketing is…Maggie Dokic who shared her powerful experience from this year: 

The best tip I can give anyone wanting to maximize their marketing dollars is to use Every Door Direct Mail. For the same cost as traditional mail, you get to hit THREE times the household! I was able to bump up my mailings from roughly 300 pieces up to 1,000 by using EDDM instead of a mailing list. I sat down and picked out my routes. I even chose routes to add to those initial ones once I start seeing results (I want to reinvest as soon as I can!). I started out with 1,002 households for a mailing cost of about $146 (plus the postcards) and have my plan in place to add carrier routes systematically, until I am touching roughly 12,000 households in my chosen area. Yes, we know consumers are online and we have all that covered. But they also get their mail daily and we want them to see us there too. ProspectsPLUS! and EDDM both ROCK!

Our third prize winner of $50 in free postcard marketing is…Steven Laidley who shared:  

Since our office has been using MLS mailings ( about 6 months ago) our listings have increased about 30%. Our office is located in a condominium complex of approximately 150 units and the postcard mailings ,that your company has been sending out on our behalf, has many of our neighbors commenting about receiving them and how professional our new appearance is. We can attribute about a 30% increase in listings coming directly from unit owners that have received them. We have reasoned that this is the best advertising money we have ever spent, with results we can gauge definitively.

And our fourth place winner of $25 in postcard marketing is Gary Brand who was kind enough to share…

An e-marketing fellow recently told a group of Realtors that print advertising was a thing of the past. About a week later I put out a Prospect Plus Just Sold post card in the neighborhood around a home I had just sold. I printed it at home and it cost me $40.00 to mail it out. Got a call from a neighbor down the street to list his home and it SOLD quickly and I made $17,000 I think I’ll stick with my print marketing thank you very much! It’s just another important piece of my overall marketing program.

We had many, many great shares – all of which are worth reading as you set your sights on a new year ahead and what marketing strategies and solutions you’ll put into place.  Read them all by visiting our Facebook page!  Hit LIKE and read away – your fellow agents have been very generous in sharing the solutions that are working best for them!

Need help with your marketing plan for 2013?  Contact our team today at 866.405.3638 to discover which of the powerful tools, resources and strategies our winners and all our contestants share might work best for you!  We’re getting exciting about the new year and hope you are too!  



Tips from Our Valued Customers!great ideas

By Julie Escobar

We’re having a great time reading all the tips, strategies and ideas being shared by our valued customers during out holiday contest!  I’ve found that agents are always eager to learn what’s working and what’s not from their colleagues.  And it’s terrific to see that despite everyone coming from different cultures, companies and market areas – there are always common denominators amongst producers in this business and our customer responses spotlight just that!

Let’s take a look at some of what they’ve shared!

From Mildred Jones-King :  “I’m getting ready to order the Just Sold postcards. It’s a great way to let neighbors know that a house had been sold in their area.” 

Cara McLean Rolfes: “I have started using the just sold and just listed and it got me a listing the day after they went out!”

Jim Dobson:  The Just Listed/Just Sold postcards do the job! They are high quality and effortless to produce.

Kimberly Bouchey:  I like to use the Just Listed postcard to inform the neighbors and other prospective buyers what is available in their market. I usually follow this up with an Open House.

Tina’s Orlando Paradise Homes:   Just listed/sold postcards are great. I get calls from neighbors who find me with the cards in the mail. I love the system, ( –  I don’t have to do anything, it’s just done. Thank you.

Pat Taylor Bogenn:  Got a new listing from the “just sold” postcards with a few weeks of starting the program! Absolutely great, affordable marketing!

Jenny Hellman: I love the Just Listed and Just Sold cards. It’s a great way to get your name out in different neighborhoods. I have acquired 3 new listings so far as a direct result from the mailings. WOW!

Tina Chiles Herrmann:  I received several listings from your cards. Thanks for the ease of doing business.

Janet Buff:  Just Sold / Just Listed Postcards are my favorite marketing tools to use!

Eleonore Gerstenfeld:   The sale and sold cards are a great tool. I like the idea that neighbors know and send referrals.

Mark Miller:   Just Listed/Just Sold postcards are a valuable and affordable tool.

Farah Chowhdury:  Just wanted to let you all know I have collected 2 or 3 future leads by using just listed cards through prospect plus.  It was wonderful!

Diane Wilson:  I had used the Just Listed/Just Sold postcards for several years a few years ago I decided to stop. This summer I sold a condo for someone that had saved my Just Sold postcard for 3 years and they also bought a new home. Needless to say I signed back up for the system because it works! Thanks ProspectsPLUS!

Lori Spanbauer – Blazek Muller:   We have great success using Craigslist ads (from for our properties this year. Just listed/Just sold cards are a great return on investment…every Realtor should use them.

Tricia Christlieb Yocum:  Just started an investor campaign since I have a few listings in that price range…expecting great success.

Maggie Dokic: The best tip I can give anyone wanting to maximize their marketing dollars is to use Every Door Direct Mail. For the same cost as traditional mail, you get to hit THREE times the household! I was able to bump up my mailings from roughly 300 pieces up to 1,000 by using EDDM instead of a mailing list. I sat down and picked out my routes. I even chose routes to add to those initial ones once I start seeing results (I want to reinvest as soon as I can!). I started out with 1,002 households for a mailing cost of about $146 (plus the postcards – cheaper in bulk!) and have my plan in place to add carrier routes systematically, until I am touching roughly 12,000 households in my chosen area. Yes, we know consumers are online and we have all that covered. But they also get their mail daily and we want them to see us there too. Prospects Plus and EDDM both ROCK!

Catherine Hallock:  All the products are wonderful. I really like the FSBO brochures; I always have a supply of them in my car so I can just leave them in people’s mailboxes. Works great!

Susan Kravick:  Refrigerator magnets are great. We mail them out now and then give them in the Chamber Welcome bags. I love seeing them in homes that I list or show. Great way to keep my name visible all year.

Cynthia Ferreira Fleming:  My service strategy is to go door to door with doorhangers and other marketing pieces. This allows me to make face-to-face contact with customers. Once people have a ‘real’ face to the name for the materials they are receiving in the mail, they generally feel more comfortable calling you!

Christine Rubin:  I plan to mail to my targeted areas more frequently in 2013, and follow-up with a phone call and door knock.  I also plan to integrate a custom mailer to be eye catching and even actionable.

Great shares from everyone!  THANKS so much!  If you’d like to learn more about our automated Just Listed/Just Sold postcards call Becky at 866.999.MLSM or visit us online at  They’re easy, effortless, affordable and give you peace of mind because they go out without your having to lift a finger – so you ALWAYS know it’s done!

If you’d like to learn more about our all-inclusive Ultimate Marketing Toolkit that includes Craigslist Ads, Just Listed postcards, lead generation cards, single property websites and more – visit us online at or call our office at 866.405.3638.

If Every Door Direct Mail is something you would like to include in your marketing strategy in 2013 – visit us at or call us at 866.405.3638. Our team will be happy to help you choose your carrier routes, create your mailing piece and determine the frequency of mailings that will work best for you!

Just want to stay in touch with your sphere or farm with direct mail marketing?  Visit or call our team to help you choose the postcard campaign that most resonates with your business, your market and your customers.

Phew! Can’t wait to see more ideas and suggestions in the coming weeks!  Now you could win– if you HAVEN’T entered the contest to win a free iPad Mini by sharing YOUR ideas, insights and best strategies  — what are you waiting for?  Get in on the action and you could be cruising the net on your all new iPad by the end of the year!

Click here to learn the details and get started – or just head on over to our Facebook Page and share your best marketing tools and advice with your fellow agents across North America!  Ready?  Set?  GO!   And remember – if you need help – we’re just a call away at 866.405.3638. 

Win an iPad This Holiday Season!

ShareYourStrategy_ContestGraphic (3)

By Julie Escobar

Deck the halls with lots of prizes!  I LOVE the holiday season – don’t you?  Everyone sharing and celebrating and connecting and sometimes RE-connecting and you can almost feel the lift in spirits and productivity can’t you?  We’ve had so many agents who very generously share their experiences with their colleagues on a regular basis – and we thought – what a perfect time to reward folks for doing just that!

So we’re kicking off a new contest and the rules are simple…SHARE your favorite strategy or experience using any of our products or platforms – ProspectsPLUS! direct mail solutions or free reports, MLSmailingsautomated Just Listed/Just Sold postcard system, our Ultimate Marketing Toolkit – postcards, Craigslist ads, flyers, lead generation business cards, listing presentations, Every Door Direct MailDone for You Newsletters – and you could win an iPad Mini!

We want to send agents into the new year with a wide spectrum of powerful strategies, ideas and how-to’s for making an impact in their market – and we’re happy to reward agents just like you who are willing to share them!

So here’s how it works…

From now until December 20th – Choose your best experience or strategy using any of our products and share it with us on our Facebook Pageclick here to enter

You can share via

  • video
  • podcast
  • or just use your words (and a visual would be great!)

Be creative!

Let us know WHICH product or platform you’re using – and all the  ways you are using them most effectively, how they make your life easier, how they’ve saved you time or money – or what results you’ve seen (or all of the above!)  Be as specific as possible!

The best strategy will win! 

  • Grand prize:  An all-new iPad Mini! 
  • 2nd Prize: $150 in Free Postcard Mailings!
  • 3rd Prize:  $50 in Free Postcard Mailings!
  • 4th Prize:  $25 in Free Postcard Mailings!

The  Prize Winners will be chosen by a panel of five December 20th and announced December 21st.  Ok – what are you waiting for?  GO POST! – Let’s get this holiday party started! 

OH – and if you haven’t ordered your holiday cards yet — we just put upholiday-postcards some new ones — go see!  Click here — and don’t forget to use PROMO CODE WINTERto save 12%!  Need help?  Call our team at  866.405.3638!

Share this:

Three Extra Transactions in the Next 12 Months Guaranteed*


Game on!  With 2012 coming up fast and most of you savvy enough to be already in game-changing, business planning mode – we decided to toss out a challenge for you!

Stay in touch with at least 200 people in your sphere of influence using a cross-media marketing approach consistently month-after month using…2012_SOI_Postcards

  • our direct mail postcards
  • social media marketing
  • email
  • and personal contact

And we’ll guarantee you an additional three transactions in 2012! 

Here’s what you need to know:  The National Association of REALTORS® tells us that statistically, 66% of ALL the business generated by the top 4% of successful real estate professionals today comes from only four sources:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Close Acquaintances
  4. Referrals generated by the first three groups.

In fact, studies show that staying in touch consistently at least every 30 days should result in a transaction from one out of every twelve people in your sphere.

So why doesn’t EVERYONE connect and stay connected?  Good question!  We’ve found that most don’t do it for one (or all) of the top three reasons:

  1. They don’t have a list
  2. They think it costs too much
  3. They don’t know what to send

So we’d like to help you with all three – IF you’re ready to take the challenge!

Let’s get started today!  First a little Q & A! 

QUESTION #1:  Who should be in your SOI (sphere of influence)?

ANSWER:  Easy!  Anybody who knows you by name and face and trust you enough to do business with you.

Question #2:  Why is building your book of business or SOI so important?

Answer:  Several reasons – here are the top contenders:

  • It is less expensive to maintain the attention of people who know you, like you, and trust you… rather than to get the attention of people who don’t.
  •  These people are easier to find and so is their contact information.
  •  You already have the “home team” advantage with this group.  They have a  higher propensity to do business with you.
  •  If you are like most agents and don’t love to prospect, it is easier to work with a warm lead than a cold one.
  •  It is still the best way to ensure sustainable, repeatable, and most importantly PREDICTABLE income. Chasing the next deal out of desperation isn’t a fun way to live.  You and your family deserve better.
  •  It allows you to build a saleable book of business.  You can’t sell YOU; your business‘s biggest asset is your book of business, if handled correctly.

Question #3:  How do I get started? 

Answer:  Get your list together!  Remember those statistics above from NAR?  Family, friends, acquaintances and referrals from all of those people?   Start putting them in a database!  We’ve got a paper version to use as a guide – but any kind of database or spreadsheet software will work.   And if you’re too busy – all the kids and college kids are coming home from school – put them to work inputting data!   You’ll want to get this done BEFORE January 1st rolls around!  If you’re not sure where to start – download our BusinessBASE™  today by clicking here.    In it you’ll find 150 people who SHOULD be in your SOI.  You’ll also want to gather up all your client files and include all your past buyers’ and sellers’ information as well.   (P.S. – While you’re on that resource page-make a file in your computer and download any of the free reports that we have to put in your listing and selling toolkit for 2012!)

Question #4:  How many people do you need in your sphere to reach your 2012 goals in the next 12 months? 

Answer:  It’s in the math!  Here’s a simple SOI Calculator

$______________ Desired income


$______________ Divided by Average Commission income

=______________ Equals the number of transactions you’ll need

× .66

=______________ Multiply the number of transactions by .66 to get how many will  come from your SOI  (Top producers report 66% of income come from SOI)

× 12

=______________ Multiply this number by 12 (Top producers average transaction from 1 in 12)

For example:  If I wanted to make $100,000 next year and my average commission income was $6,000 then I would need 17 transactions to close next year to achieve my goal, 11 of which would come from my sphere (66%) which would mean if 1 in every 12 resulted in a transaction I would need at least 132 people in my sphere of influence to succeed.  (You’ll also need to consider your closing ratio.  If you are not a strong closer, you’ll need more people in your sphere to accomplish the same, or strengthen your closing skills! )

Question #4:  What are the rules for the 2012 Challenge and Three-Transaction Guarantee? *

Answer:  Our guarantee is this:  If you mail 200 ProspectsPLUS! postcards per month to your sphere of influence, at least once per month, we will guarantee that if you can’t contribute at least three transactions within 12 months as a result of this program, you will receive a 100% refund of the cost of your mailings for the year.

In order to qualify for this guarantee you must:

  • Send at least 200 ProspectsPLUS! or postcards per month for a total of 12 months to a qualified list.
  • If you’ve not received at least two transactions after six months, you must call our office at (800) 287-5710 and speak with Julie Escobar and agree to follow her specific coaching advice and work with her or her team to ensure you have everything in place to succeed.
  • If after nine months you have still not received at least two transactions, you must agree to further coaching.
  • If after 12 months you can’t contribute an Extra Three Transactions you will receive a 100% refund of the cost of the 200 mailings per month.

We’re ready for a great year ahead.  We’re in for our part in the deal.  Guidance, help with your lists, powerful direct response postcards that help brand you and keep you top-of-mind and systems that will allow you to pay as you go – and get great results along the way.  We’ll be constantly updating our sphere of influence postcards in 2012 so that you have a wide spectrum of choices available.  See some of most successful sphere of influence cards on our Specials Page today!  Take special note to bookmark this page so you can take advantage of monthly promotional codes, special offers and see what’s new!

If you need help getting started, contact our inside account management team today at (866) 405-3638!  They can help you choose the right campaign for you, get started on your list, share powerful resources with you and more!  

Stay tuned for strategies on…

  • How to add to your sphere of influence…
  • How use niche marketing to increase your sphere…
  • How to go the extra mile for your sphere…
  • Invitations to free webinars…

And so much more!  All right everyone — get on board for CHALLENGE 2012!  Questions?  Give us a call at 866.405.3638!