Sunday, July 23, 2017

We’re having SO much fun with our Facebook Fanpage contest and appreciate everyone who’s joined us to participate. (You have to love real estate professionals for some great, FRIENDLY competition!)

Here’s the word “on the streets” so far…

Lizzie Tardo Stroebel:  I have used ProspectsPlus! for several years and LOVE the postcards. I send them for every listing & sale and have had tremendous results! Not only do I get calls from neighbors with nearly every mailing, but have also gotten listings! One of the best realtor tools out there!!

Linda Maia Hadi:  I know how important it is to keep in touch with current and past clients, as well as prospecting regularly for new customers. ProspectsPlus! helps me do it in style and in a timely fashion. When I look at some of the homemade mailings a few of my associates send out – I’m more and more convinced that the money spent on the ProspectsPlus! system is well worth the expense. For every 300 cards I mail, I get at least one new buyer or seller.

Jason Dawson:  ProspectPlus! has made it simple, affordable and automatable to send out my marketing. I showed the system to my title rep who pays for a lot of my marketing materials and she recommend that I stick with ProspectPlus! because of how affordable and the high quality the material is! I’ve used them now for about 6 listings and have had over 200 contacts via phone and through my website! 3 of the sales resulted from my ProspectPlus! marketing efforts!

Amanda Davidson:  I used ProspectsPLUS! to market my most recent listing and sent out 50 cards to neighbors – it’s in a remote area and so far I have had 33 people log on the property’s personal site – that doesn’t include any traffic from the flyers, postcards only. This was my first time using ProspectsPLUS! and I’m thrilled with the results.

Vanessa Reilly:  I’ve been using ProspectsPlus! for several years now and have taken over my farming area of 500 homes. I religiously send at least 1 postcard per month. The positive response has been incredible! I think the best compliment is when I get a referral from my farming area for a totally different neighborhood! They see that I’m selling all the homes around them then save their postcards and tell their friends about me! I LOVE PROSPECTSPLUS! It’s the only print advertising I spend money on because it works… everything else is internet and digital.
Carn Devanko Cahoon:  I have been using Just Listed, Just Sold Cards, along with Post Card Mailings for almost 5 years. This Just Listed card, led, two weeks later to….. this listing, which when it sold, the Just Listed Postcard, led to this listing…. which led to this listing…because of Just Listed, Just Sold Card. All these homes sold in under 40 days.
Jim Hendry:  Having used the mailing postcards has been very beneficial for me breaking into a an area of town I want to be the guru in.

Abelardo Shiraki ProspectPLUS! has allowed me to reach more people and look more professional. I take 1 listing a week and i believe you help me look better in my business.


Patti Lambros Mohr:   As a busy mom of three boys and full time realtor, I have appreciated the automated Just Listed and Sold cards. I’ve been sending them for years, with great results!


Wayne Zuhl:  ProspectPLUS! has made mailings simple, giving me a plethora of fantastic content to choose from. It’s so amazing when I go door knocking and people know me by name from seeing the things that I send them from ProspectPLUS! Thanks!


Jackie Hinz Bartsch:   ProspectsPlus! has made my marketing look sleek, edgy, and professional…but best of all, it saves me TIME!!! Thank You!


Charles Isherwood:   I used the Agent to Agent referral flyer “Don’t Gamble With Your Next Referral” at our Sutton National Conference in Las Vegas. Everyone was very impressed 🙂


Wow – so many great stories – and so many ways to share your experience!  If you’d like to join in the fun and throw your hat in the ring to win an iPad, iPod or free mailings – just visit our fan page today at and tell us YOUR story!


Winners will be chosen December 1st – so keep posting and you could be a winner!


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Whoa Boy! 

The Competition is heating up! 

We’re Adding More Customers To the Contest!

We’re inviting the GettingListingsSold customers to the ipad contest party – and they’re GOOD!   Be sure to get in on the win!

How are YOU at handling a little friendly competition? 

All right — fire it up — Take your chance as a  or customer to win one of these terrific prizes!


Share with us your BEST  or experience and enter to win a free iPad of your own!  It’s that simple!

How to Enter:

Tell us your best ProspectsPLUS! or MLSmailings (or both!) experience… 

  • Be as specific as possible
  • Share any statistics you might have
  • Tell us what MLSmailings has done for you in terms of time management
  • Include pictures when possible
  • Rather shoot a video about your experience?  We’ll take that too!
  • More of a podcast person?  Send us an audio file!

Post your comments  on our Facebook Fan page at between now and November 30, 2011 to add your entry to the contest.

  • Grand Prize:  Apple iPad ( Apple iPad Tablet (16GB, Wifi or equivalent)
  • 2nd Prize:  $250 in free postcard mailings
  • 3rd Prize:  ipod nano
  • 4th -10th Place Prizes:  $50 in free postcard mailings

The  Prize Winners will be chosen by a panel of five November 30th and announced December 1st.  Questions?  Call Becky Keyt at 800.287.5710  today!

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