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Jim Morton

Jim Morton
Jim entered the real estate business in 1978 and quickly became the top producing agent for Nevada's largest real estate company. As the founder and President of ProspectsPLUS!, and a suite of professional marketing products, Jim masterfully leads his creative team to produce the innovative products and services necessary to enrich the lives and careers of sales agents and managers each and every business day.

250 giftWill You Be Next?

We’re pretty sure we have the best customers in the world! THANKS to everyone who entered.  Your feedback is invaluable and we love hearing what’s working for YOU!

This month’s big winner of the $250 Gift Card from ProspectsPLUS.com is Roseanna Miani.  She shared, “The best system for direct mail marketing, they have all the artwork needed just add in my own information. The prices are better than any other!”  Thanks Roseanna!

Our $100 winner is Henry Brooks II.  His post? “I was hesitant to use mail marketing again, but for the price, service and ability to do everything via the website was fabulous! I would highly recommend ProspectsPLUS.com to all my fellow Realtors!”

And our $50 winner is Younes Atlassi.  He shared, “The service was very fast! 3 days from order to delivery, with initial order on a Sunday. The door hangers looked very nice, I am VERY pleased. I will be using your printing services again.”

Thank you to everyone who entered!  Want another chance to win?  Simply Just leave a review on our Google+ page for a chance to win!  The next drawing will be held April 1st! (No fooling!)  Enter today!

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February’s ProspectsPLUS! Review Contest!250 gift

THANKS to everyone who entered!  We had some terrific insights shared in our February review contest on our Google+ Page!  Our big winner is Kristin Peterson!  Kristen, we’ll be sending you a $250 ProspectsPLUS.com gift card!  Perfect for getting all your marketing tools rocking for the spring season!

Here’s what Kristen had to say: “The selection and professionalism of marketing material offered here far out do any of the competitors! Eye catching and so many options to choose from + fast and easy mailing makes this the only marketing option needed!”

Our $100 winner is Vanessa Sutton — she shared, “I have been using ProspectsPLUS! for over 15 years and have always found the marketing pieces top notch! They allow me to utilize quality marketing materials at a reasonable cost. I recommend ProspectsPLUS! to every agent that I know!”

And our $50 winner is Tami Hernandez!  She shared, “Amazing!, I come back again and again! I find the information invaluable, right up there with the best systems I know. Prices are fantastic, quality goes with out saying…always impressed Thank You!”

Thank you to everyone who entered!  Want another chance to win?  Simply Just leave a review on our Google+ page for a chance to win!  The next drawing will be held April 1st! (No fooling!)  Enter today!

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December’s ProspectsPLUS! Review Contest!250 gift

Wow! We had some GREAT responses from the December review contest on our Google+ Page!  Our new winner is Greg Hanner!  Greg, we’ll be sending you a $250 ProspectsPLUS.com gift card!  Perfect for getting all your marketing tools lined up for the new year ahead!

Here’s what Greg had to say: “Forget trying to do your own cards or flyers ‘in-house’ since ProspectsPLUS! has outstanding print quality and you can upload your own or buy a mailing list to suit your campaign’s needs. I will never look back and look forward to using ProspectsPlus! for future printing needs.” Thanks Greg – we’re thrilled you’re enjoying the service!

Next up is Janice Carmichael, with a $100 gift card to the site! Here’s what she had to say, “I am a new Realtor with Witalisz and Associates, Inc. in Westfield, MA and was delighted to find ProspectsPLUS. I’ve been reading the helpful tips they send, and also trying to decide what I should or shouldn’t be doing these first few months regarding investments in mailings. The first mailing after listing my first house was handled by ProspectsPLUS. It was both well done, promptly sent out, and looked great as well as was within my budget. I’ll be doing more business with the company as I get more into this business!” Good luck in your new business Janice! We’re happy to be a resource for you!

And finally — Maerilu Wooley – wins a $50 gift card! Here’s what she had to say, “Love the professional look of your products, and always get the best customer service available! I’m always interested in your professional tips of the trade as well. So glad to have a professional company like yours helping me with my business.

Thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s contest! The good news?  Is there is STILL a way to win!  In fact, join us for January’s contest — we’re giving away THREE MORE prizes!  A $150 Gift Card, a $100 gift card and a $50 gift card to three lucky winners!  It’s EASY to enter! 

Simply Just leave a review on our Google+ page for a chance to win!  The next drawing will be held February 4th!  Enter today!

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Results Are In For Our Facebook Contest! winners are

by Julie Escobar

Wow!  Great shares from so many of you on what you’re doing that’s WORKING and smart strategies for the year ahead.  From our entire team, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this fun contest!

Now, without further ado — our winners and their top insights for the new year!

First prize and the winner of an all new iPad Mini — Qabbani Goodwyn – who was quite prolific and specific — wrote:

THE CHALLENGE: Had a rare listing around $500k on which I received multiple offers and sold it in less than a week. Potential buyers kept asking me, “Do you have anymore listings like this one??” I wished so hard that I did, but didn’t know how I would get a similar listing or when that would happen.

THE ROUSE: I heard about the GettingListingsSold.com program right about the time this listing went to settlement. I wondered if all the testimonials on the site were true, and more importantly, could I achieve similar results. To be able to click a few places online and have these postcards canvassed to the area with no additional time consumption on my part was very alluring. If I got just one listing out of it, the ROI would be incredible!

PULLING THE TRIGGER: Instead of sending 100, I took a leap of faith and decided to send 275 postcards, jumbo size, not standard. I did this 11 days ago, with a positive expectation of success, even though I was leery as to if sellers between $500k and $1 million would respond to this type of marketing.

SUCCESS!: Within one week I received two calls – one from a neighbor a few doors down from my sold listing, and another from a homeowner facing foreclosure to needed to short-sale her home (larger than my original listing). I met with both homeowners immediately. The results – I am exploring foreclosure alternatives with homeowner #1 who will list with me if they can’t refinance, and the big news is that I secured a listing with homeowner #2 last night. It was a little uncanny that way that the postcard established “credibility” for me before I even walked in the door with these homeowners. They both were immediately very warm to me and were ready to get right down to business.

1. Made sure that I put “Short Sale Specialist” next to “Realtor” in my contact info, and also had a link to my CDPE website for distressed homeowners.
2. I included my personal statement/slogan on the back of the card, and added a call to action specifically with my phone number largely printed.
3. Rather than saying “Just Sold, yadda-yadda”, I highlighted how quickly I sold the previous listing and attributed it to my “12-point Social Media & Internet Marketing Plan”, and added “Let us get amazing results for you!”
4. It didn’t hurt that I’m with RE/MAX and our brand has top of consciousness with both buyers and sellers – so I showcased our “RE/MAX #1” logo.

I hope this testimonial is helpful to others 🙂 I plan to use the entire GLS program with every listing. I’m most excited by the Multi-Channel Direct Response Postcard. I will send out a minimum of 100 cards at the time of listing, and then another minimum 100 when it’s sold. I still need to buy an IPad or IPad Mini so that I can enhance the way I present at my listing appointments.

Thanks ProspectsPLUS!

Our second place winner who will receive $150 in free postcard marketing is…Maggie Dokic who shared her powerful experience from this year: 

The best tip I can give anyone wanting to maximize their marketing dollars is to use Every Door Direct Mail. For the same cost as traditional mail, you get to hit THREE times the household! I was able to bump up my mailings from roughly 300 pieces up to 1,000 by using EDDM instead of a mailing list. I sat down and picked out my routes. I even chose routes to add to those initial ones once I start seeing results (I want to reinvest as soon as I can!). I started out with 1,002 households for a mailing cost of about $146 (plus the postcards) and have my plan in place to add carrier routes systematically, until I am touching roughly 12,000 households in my chosen area. Yes, we know consumers are online and we have all that covered. But they also get their mail daily and we want them to see us there too. ProspectsPLUS! and EDDM both ROCK!

Our third prize winner of $50 in free postcard marketing is…Steven Laidley who shared:  

Since our office has been using MLS mailings ( about 6 months ago) our listings have increased about 30%. Our office is located in a condominium complex of approximately 150 units and the postcard mailings ,that your company has been sending out on our behalf, has many of our neighbors commenting about receiving them and how professional our new appearance is. We can attribute about a 30% increase in listings coming directly from unit owners that have received them. We have reasoned that this is the best advertising money we have ever spent, with results we can gauge definitively.

And our fourth place winner of $25 in postcard marketing is Gary Brand who was kind enough to share…

An e-marketing fellow recently told a group of Realtors that print advertising was a thing of the past. About a week later I put out a Prospect Plus Just Sold post card in the neighborhood around a home I had just sold. I printed it at home and it cost me $40.00 to mail it out. Got a call from a neighbor down the street to list his home and it SOLD quickly and I made $17,000 I think I’ll stick with my print marketing thank you very much! It’s just another important piece of my overall marketing program.

We had many, many great shares – all of which are worth reading as you set your sights on a new year ahead and what marketing strategies and solutions you’ll put into place.  Read them all by visiting our Facebook page!  Hit LIKE and read away – your fellow agents have been very generous in sharing the solutions that are working best for them!

Need help with your marketing plan for 2013?  Contact our team today at 866.405.3638 to discover which of the powerful tools, resources and strategies our winners and all our contestants share might work best for you!  We’re getting exciting about the new year and hope you are too!  



Wow!  What an exciting and fun experience to hear all of your powerful stories about how you’ve best used the tools you’ve found in ProspectsPLUS! Personal Marketing Software, ProspectsPLUS.com, MLSmailings.com and GettingListingsSold.com.  What’s even more wonderful is the incredibly positive feedback you guys have all given not just us – but your industry as well.

Too often we hear the naysayers and what’s NOT working – not from any of you!  You’ve got the right focus, energy and TOOLS – to make just about anything happen in 2012!  Congratulations to you all – to us you are all winners! 

So…Let’s get down to the Top Ten! 

Our Grand Prize Winner of an iPad is…

Barb Smed from Smed Realty who got her team in on the action to create not just a great testimonial – but a fun video as well!  We loved her enthusiasm and “extra mile” approach – so Barb…your iPad is on the way!  Congratulations and thank you!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_yHtvKncJQ&w=560&h=315]

“Our real estate agency has been very happy with the ProspectsPLUS! postcard system.  We routinely mail out “SOLD” postcards to the closest 150 neighbors within days of a closing. The response to the mailings is equally strong, whether it is a residential, land or farm sale. It is not unusual that we secure a new listing as a result of a ‘SOLD’ postcard mailing. As a relatively young agency, I feel that the ProspectsPLUS! system helps to brand us and raises ‘top of mind awareness’. In these times, when every marketing dollar counts, this program provides really awesome return on investment!”

 Our Second Place Winner of $250 in postcard marketing from ProspectsPLUS.com is Jason Dawson!  Jason is getting great results and we’re so thrilled for you!   We’re happy to help you send out even more direct response postcards to bring even MORE listings and build that book of business!  Thanks!

ProspectPLUS! has made it simple, affordable and automatic for me to send out my marketing. I showed the system to my title rep who pays for a lot of my marketing materials and she recommend that I stick with ProspectPLUS! because of how affordable and the high quality the material is! I’ve used them now for about 6 listings and have had over 200 contacts via phone and through my website! Three of the sales resulted from my ProspectPLUS! marketing efforts!”

In Third Place we have Pete Hall Tanner, one of our valued customers since 2000 who wins an iPod Nano!  We’re so happy you’re using the system with terrific results and that’s sure saying something from a Productivity Coach!  Thanks Pete! 

“I have been using ProspectsPLUS! since February 2000. ProspectsPLUS! campaigns help me to systemize my lead generation and contact management so that it so easy to do and the results are proven. As a Productivity Coach, I have had the pleasure to introduce other agents to ProspectsPLUS! as well. They too have had wonderful results. Whether you’re using a contact management system with “their” branded mailers or trying to create your own, the campaigns in ProspectsPLUS! will ‘brand’ you and will net you great results! It’s QUICK and EASY! (They even have ‘Tips’ to help you in implementing the campaigns.) Thank you ProspectsPLUS!”

Next up – our winners in fourth-tenth place will each receive a promo code worth $50 in free postcard mailings to kick start their marketing for the end of this year or hit the ground running in 2012! 

They are…

Holly Scott – we’re so thrilled that the GettingListingsSold.com Ultimate Marketing Toolkit is working for you – AND making your life and business a little easier!  Thanks for entering!

I almost deleted the email advertisement. It went to my spam folder. I decided to open it up and take a look (I never do this!). I logged on, purchased the postcards, and then the marketing toolkit and I have been so happy ever since. I have my flyers, sign rider, business cards and website and I don’t have to go to four different companies to get it! Very happy with my marketing material! I am expecting a contract on my listing today!!

Sherri Reed Caro shares her one-two  approach to effective marketing – the ProspectsPLUS! marketing and our Just Listed and Just Sold postcards!  Thanks Sherri!  We appreciate you!

“I love the ease and effectiveness of the ProspectsPLUS! marketing system. I can set up the whole years’ worth of postcards at one time in less than an hour! How easy is that to stay in contact with my past clients and sphere of influence? I love the choices of postcards that are offered by ProspectsPLUSI also use the just listed and just sold postcards! I get at least one closing a year from those cards! ROI is fantastic with the ProspectsPLUS! marketing system! The most effective marketing that I have found!”

Billie Silcox Mitz has been a valued customer since 2006, using both out automated MLSmailings system for Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards and our ProspectsPLUS! Software especially for its robust monthly newsletters!  Thanks Billie – we’re happy you’re happy! 

“I have been using Prospects Plus software since 2006, and I love it! To me, the best part is MLS Mailings. It is so convenient, and a “no brainer”. The quality of the postcards is excellent, and I do get responses from them. In addition, they send you the names of all the people they send postcards. My other favorite thing in Prospects Plus is the monthly newsletters. The newsletters can be printed or emailed. Many more, but these are my favorites.”

Nancy Schmidt has been using us for eight years and shares her experience of ease and time management using the system! Thanks Nancy – and say hi to your husband for us too!

“I have been a Realtor® for eight years now. I bought ProspectsPLUS!  that first year and have been using it faithfully all this time. I’ve sent out a ‘zillion’ postcards that look way more professional than anything else I have seen. Now I’m tired of doing mailings so I’m going to have YOU send them out for me. It’s actually quite inexpensive so I’m going to take advantage of the automation and use my time doing something else. HURRAY! ProspectsPLUS! is the GREATEST!!! The best investment my husband and I have ever made. He’s a Realtor® too!! Thanks.”
Tina Arant, an extraordinary leader and manager shared her team’s experience with our products and programs…Thanks Tina – you’re wonderful!

“My agents who take advantage of ProspectPLUS! products bring me new contracts (listings or sales) almost every time they use them!!! Thanks for your automated systems too. I know my list of contacts will hear from me even when I am on vacation!”

Linda Maia Hadi shared her how using her ProspectsPLUS! system generates new buyers and sellers – and ensures her mailings are stylish AND timely! Thanks Linda! Congratulations!

“I know how important it is to keep in touch with current and past clients, as well as prospecting regularly for new customers. ProspectsPLUS! helps me do it in style and in a timely fashion. When I look at some of the homemade mailings a few of my associates send out – I’m more and more convinced that the money spent on the ProspectsPLUS! system is well worth the expense. For every 300 cards I mail, I get at least one new buyer or seller!”

And last but not least, Jan Herron – we love that our Just Listed/Just Sold cards are helping you be the “Real estate rock star!”  Congrats!

“My favorite experience with ProspectsPLUS! is the neighbors of my listing receiving both Just Listed AND Just Sold cards, and being flooded with calls because they couldn’t believe how fast it sold! Thanks for making me look like a rock star!”

We didn’t want to stop there though!  We’re so appreciative of all of our contest entrants, that we wanted to give all of you a big thank you!  For everyone who didn’t receive a prize above, we’re sending YOU a promo code worth $25 in free postcard marketing! 

Here are the names of the rest of our valued customers who took the time to share their stories with us!

Pat Croake                                          Tina Chiles Herrmann

Rennaye Farries Miller                       Joanie Heighes

Marianne Balsamo                              Sheila Gatto

Ernest Vasquez                                   Betsie Wallace Taber

Lawanda Henderson                           Lori Roberts

Anthony Fernandez                              Janice Johnson Clark

Tim Burroughs                                      Rose Fogarty

Achsah E Stremsterfer                         Barbara Kleppick

Graham Morland                                  Cheryl S Glover

Julio & Fanny Moncada                      Anne Perrone

Casey Anderson                                 Trey McCallie

Cathy West                                           Lizzie Tardo Stroebel

Jason Dawson                                     Amanda Davidson

Vanessa Reilly                                    Carn Devanko Cahoon 

Jim Hendry                                          Jim Blaney

Bethany Ellis                                        Paul Anderson  


And one MORE thing!  Everyone who took the time to participate will also receive a free copy of my Julie Escobar's 21ways to Get Your Listings Priced Right in Any MarketeBook 21 Ways to Get Your Listings Priced Right in ANY Market (Despite the Seller’s Best Objections)!  I hope it is a tool you and you can use well as you head into the new year! 

Thank you everyone!  We know we have some of the best customers in the world and we appreciate you more than you know!  Congratulations to all of today’s winners!

You will each be notified via email with your promo codes for free postcard marketing and our iPad and iPod winners – your prizesill be shipped to your offices shortly! 

If you’d like to learn more about the ProspectsPLUS! Personal Marketing Software, MLSmailings automated Just Listed/Just Sold Postcard Service, setting and forgetting your marketing via ProspectsPLUS.com or tapping into a GettingListingsSold.com Ultimate Marketing Toolkit of your own —  give us a call today at 866.405.3638 to set up a free demonstration!